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Rhino newsgroups is a little known usenet service provider that offers decent pricing and very basic features. Rhino has been around for quite awhile, but is generally not considered amongst the top tier of providers. Their prices are not very high, but the features of their plans are typically lacking. Long binary retention, SSL, and a high number of simultaneous connections are not part of the core usenet offerings from Rhino unfortunately. Their binary retention is very low, SSL is not included, and only six or eight simultaneous connections are available. You can probably get past the SSL and limited number of simultaneous connections, but the retention is significant drawback. While other companies are offering greater than 1000 päivän binary säilyttäminen, Rhino newsgroups, as of this writing, is only offering 200 päivän binary säilyttäminen. Customers thinking of signing up with Rhino should check the plans out first, and make sure they have compared them to other top providers.

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