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Simply Usenet is a premium Usenet provider based in the United Kingdom.  Our company founders were disappointed with the quality and performance of the Usenet service provided by many of the existing Usenet providers.  The lack of local currency payment methods and unreliable access speeds attainable in the UK from these providers, reinforced the need for a UK based Usenet provider that can cater for the requirements of the UK market.   Simply Usenet was set up in 2009 to provide a superior Usenet service exclusively to the UK market.  The direct network connections with our network with all major UK ISPs ensures that all our members receive unbeatable levels of performance when using our service, any time of the day.  Simply Usenet provides all our members access to the same high quality Usenet service, regardless of the package they subscribe to.  This includes unlimited usage and free SSL encryption with every package.   Simply Usenet believes that its members should not be restricted to a usage limit and have to constantly worry about going over their access limit.  We also believe that all our member’s privacy should be protected and no one should be charged extra for this fundamental right.  Simply Usenet provides unlimited plans to match the speed of our member’s internet connection.  This is a much more honest and fairer approach than those advertised by our competitors as “unlimited speed”.  The users of such plans can only access Usenet as fast as their internet connection and generally end up paying considerable more than they should as they are subsidizing those few on extreme internet connections.

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