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Supernews Usenet, not to be confused with SuperNews! the funny cartoon, has been around since 1995. That gives them more than 15 years of experience providing usenet service for customers. They have watched Usenet evolve over the last two decades and they have maintained a reliable and affordable service for their customers.

Supernews only offers one plan for usenet service: an unlimited, no limit, no restrictions, and no-holds-barred plan at an affordable price. Their comprehensive unlimited service with no rate limits or download restrictions makes it extremely easy to understand for new customers. While other providers are sporting a catalog of plans, sometimes with more than dozen different offerings, Supernews keeps it simple. Yksi suunnitelma, no limits, no B.S., for one low price.

Their unlimited plan does not have a transfer limit, nor does it have a speed limit. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get maximum reward from the service. It should be noted that their retention is a little low though (Feb 2013 Päivitä: after massive retention upgrades Supernews is now among the best in binary retention!). Kuitenkin, many providers are regularly upgrading their retention rate for binaries, and it’s highly likely that Supernews will end up expanding their retention in the future (Feb 2013 Päivitä: Ha, we were right!). Of course there is the pricing to consider…and here Supernews does quite well. They are often times much less than those same competitors.

Muuta kuin että, Supernews service is top tier. They provide SSL with all accounts, and do not censor any newsgroups or posts – both of which are the industry standard. The number of simultaneous connections they offer is also very competitive when compared to the rest of the providers. Kaiken kaikkiaan, Supernews is living up to their byline: Purely. Simply. Usenet.

Heinäkuu 2011 Päivitä: Supernews has made a massive upgrade to their binary retention. They are now at 1,058 päivän, and growing! Check our uutisia to learn more.

Helmikuu 2013 Päivitä: Supernews binary retention is now over 1650 päivän! Unlimited downloads and speeds are available for only $12/month!

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  1. Maurice says:
    16 tammikuu, 2013 klo 4:32 pm

    Unfortunately Supernews has begun with censoring. Don’t be fooled by the advertisements, they censor now alright! 🙁

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