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ThunderNews is definitely a premium Usenet provider. They offer extremely competitive rates across all of their plans and provide a lot of extra features to boot. servidores ThunderNews asoman con cientos de otros servidores de noticias de Usenet a través de la red Usenet para proporcionar a sus usuarios acceder a todos los grupos de noticias disponibles,,en,Ofrecen una gran combinación de velocidad de conexión,,en,el artículo completo,,en,y la retención de largo artículo,,en,Además de que hacen todo esto mientras que ser censurada,,en,sin filtrar y sin registros,,en,ThunderNews tiene varios servidores en los EE.UU. y la UE para dar servicio a sus clientes,,en,Esto significa que sus titulares de cuentas deben ver las velocidades de conexión rápidas si se encuentran en los EE.UU.,,en,o en Europa,,en,Su retención es bastante bueno cuando se compara con el resto del campo,,en,y ellos son en realidad por delante de algunos de sus principales competidores en esta categoría característica,,en,Enlace permanente a Newsdemon,,en,Astraweb,,en,Enlace permanente a Astraweb,,en,Astraweb es de gran valor para su dinero Usenet,,en. They offer a great combination of connection speed, article completeness, and long article retention. Plus they do all this while being uncensored, unfiltered and without logs.

ThunderNews has multiple servers in the US and the EU to service their customers. This means that their account holders should see fast connection speeds whether they are in the US, or in Europe. Their retention is pretty good when compared against the rest of the field, and they are actually ahead of a few of their major competitors in this feature category.

Their individual plans are highly competitive when compared against other Usenet providers. Their recent price drops across the board have catapulted them onto most major Usenet review sites (like this one!). The lowest plan they offer is less than $5 for an entire month! Talk about inexpensive! As you move up the plan tiers their pricing continues to remain very low when compared against the other major providers. Their middle-tier and high end plans are so inexpensive it’s almost hard to believe. Especially when you consider that their prices before the reduction were already really low.

Considering their low prices it is amazing they are able to offer so many extra features with their accounts. In addition to providing SSL encryption with each plan (which is pretty standard these days amongst premium providers), ThunderNews also provides their customers with a free registered copy of the NewsRover newsreader software (un $29.95 valor!). It’s not hard to understand why a lot of sites that review Usenet providers are ranking ThunderNews higher and higher these daystheir pricing and features sell themselves.

It’s also worth mentioning that current Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and Sprint customers have the opportunity to upgrade to premium Usenet access through ThunderNews at a 20% permanent discount on the monthly plan of their choice. You can replace your ISP Usenet service with ThunderNews and get all the extra benefits. Use the discount code tn20tvs.

For a 3 day free trial, prospective customers should submit a support ticket to ThunderNews, or try the online chat support. There is an option on the Support page for customers to request the 3 day free trial, which leads to the creation of a support ticket. Our link to the Get Free Trial Now sends you directly to the support page.

Abril 2011 Actualización: ThunderNews has upgraded their binary retention to an amazing 983 día! March and April have seen many providers increase their retention and ThunderNews is no exception. As a premium provider they have also done this without increasing their pricing! Great news for ThunderNews customers.

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6 Las respuestas a las “ThunderNews”

  1. Thundernews user says:
    26 de abril, 2011 en 6:57 pm

    I just joined Thundernews because of the great deal they have going for new signups. Plus they have increased their retention! I have been really happy and think the price is great. A+ recommended!

  2. Jeff says:
    May 5th, 2011 en 6:03 pm

    I joined Thundernews from Easynews because the Thundernews 25GB plan is cheaper than the Easynews 20GB plan by a few dollars. I don’t use that much, so these low plans are good for me. Easynews did have rollover gigs, which was nice though. As far as retention, the binary retention between the two is basically the same and I haven’t had any problems with Thundernews when downloading old stuff. Thundernews does not have a web interface like Easynews, but they do give you a free news reader by NewsRover. I don’t like it as much as Newsbin (costs money), but hey it’s free. Thundernews seems to have good support though I haven’t had to use it. They have online and a telephone number for billing questions. I give them a 4 for support just because I haven’t used it yet.

  3. Happy says:
    04 de julio, 2011 en 12:51 al

    Been using Thundernews for only a short time, but don’t have any complaints. Seems like everybody that’s anybody on usenet has over 1000 día, so Thundernews is no different there. I can always max my connection speed (almost 2MB/sec download), so it doesn’t take much time for me to download what I’m grabbing from usenet. I think they could do a little better on their pricing though. Especially since I see these deals on UNS. I always try to pay up front for a long time, to save a couple bucks, so I might do that next time. Overall can’t complain though, haven’t had to use support or anything like that.

  4. What?!! dice:
    01 de octubre, 2011 en 1:58 pm

    Really? ThunderNews isn’t in the Top 5? You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t want to name names but they are obviously better than at least one provider in there. Thundernews, although a tad pricey, is probably one of the most reliable usenet services out there (besides some of the super big guys). Add to that they keep improving their service with retention, and give free copies of newsrover it should totally be a top 5. Been using Thundernews for probably 2 año. Sure could switch and save a few dollars a month but I’m very happy with Thundernews and don’t plan on changing!

  5. the13guest says:
    21 de abril, 2012 en 12:21 pm

    I’ve been using TN for quite a while and so far is been great service i can not complaint about iti am in the usa and my sister is and dominican republic and we be able to use with no problem at all.

    great service for the money..

  6. James M says:
    September 30th, 2013 en 12:03 pm

    I have been using Thundernews for years. They’ve always been great speed and retention has been pretty good, no technical issues.

    The free copy of newsrover isn’t great (I am a mac and pc user) but it’s better than nothing.

    I am intrigued to find out more detail about their VPN solution, but their site offers little detail.

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