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Tiger Usenet is a little known usenet provider that offers decent service at a fairly competitive price point.  They have recently upgraded to full 256bit SSL capability and are offering it on all of their plans.  This means Tiger Usenet customers can now enjoy secure, encrypted access to usenet with an improved level of privacy and anonymity.  In addition to this improvement they have also increased the number of high speed simultaneous connections to 20 on each of their plans.

Although Tiger Usenet is a small niche provider, their plans offer the core features at a relatively competitive price point.  Their low plan still includes SSL and doesn’t reduce the retention at all (which some providers tend to do with their least expensive plans).  Their highest plan is actually priced fairly well and offers unlimited download – just like the major providers.  One of the interesting aspects of Tiger Usenet is the free newsreader.  A lot of the big players don’t offer this free to customers, so that might be something to consider when comparing them to other providers.

Unfortunately they do not offer a free trial, so it is hard for new customers to determine if their service will provide adequate speeds or not.  Based on their website information, there is nothing to say they won’t max your download limit…but you know how connections can be – very dependent on your location and how the provider has setup their network.  This can be especially true if you are located in a different country than the service provider.  So just be careful with their service, and make sure you are pleased with the speeds before subscribing for the long haul.

Overall this is one of those providers our editors don’t have a lot of experience with, so we are definitely looking for user feedback!  Please add your comments and review at the bottom and we will make sure to revisit our editor review when we get more information.  As always your feedback and reviews determine the top rated providers!

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