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Usenet Monster is another good provider that offers budget plans for the cost-conscious.  The plans from Usenet Monster are relatively inexpensive on a monthly basis, even for unlimited access.  All plans include access to their free web interface, SSL, and a high number of simultaneous connections.  For people who prefer block accounts, the monthly gigs at Usenet Monster rollover to the next month if not used.  Retention at Usenet Monster is typically not the best in the industry, but it is normally high enough for most users.  Speeds from Usenet Monster are very good and will typically max a high speed cable modem connection.

Plans from Usenet Monster come in two varieties:  block or unlimited.  The unlimited plan is by far the best bang for buck on a monthly basis.  The yearly discount on unlimited is also very competitive when compared to other large providers.  Block plans include rollover gigs and gigawards.  Rollover gigs build up month by month, while gigawards are one time bonues in the form of a credit, or gigs.

The web interface from Usenet Monster is very helpful, as is the companion iphone interface.  Both offer the ability to search and download quite easily.  You can also enter the credentials for Usenet Monster into any standard newsreader (SABNzbd, Newsbine, etc.).  Other than the web interface, service from Usenet Monster is pretty bare bones – but that should be perfect for users just looking for budget access to usenet.

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