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Usenet-News.Net has the tagline, “No Nonsense, Just Quality Usenet”, and boy do they mean it! They don’t promote their services with a flashy website. They let the quality of their usenet service speak for itself. Traditionally, most usenet providers offer pay-per-month accounts. Some of these plans have quotas, or limits on their transfer size – others are unlimited plans. Further still, some providers allow rollover, if the quota goes unused by the end of the month; the remaining quota amount rolls over into the next month. Usenet-News.Net mostly focuses on what are known as “Block Accounts”. These accounts do not have term limits, but instead are focused on the transfer size: 2GB, 10GB, 50GB, 1024GB, jne.

Although does offer an unlimited account on a monthly basis, the bulk of their plans are Block Accounts. These block accounts have varying sizes. For this reason, it may be more difficult to compare Usenet-News.Net to the competition. Kuitenkin, you can still compare their unlimited monthly plan, and you can also develop a price per GB downloaded. Either way you cut it, their plans are competitive, but the best deals are on the Block Account side. Their unlimited monthly plan is not super expensive, but it is also not cheap by industry standards.

The nice part about Block Accounts is that there are no recurring fees. You pay once and are allocated the transfer size based on your payment. Use it as you like, over days, kuukauden, vuotta, whatever. Usenet-News.Net does not have a time limit on their account, and they have absolutely no recurring fees.

The main server systems for Usenet-News.Net are in the US and Europe. Joten, international customers should be able to pull good speeds from their service. They also offer 60 samanaikaisia ​​yhteyksiä, which is among the highest in the industry. This should help ensure you get high speed downloads. Their retention is also very good, and near the top of the list of the premium providers.

Although Usenet-News.Net does not offer any frills or bonuses with their accounts – they are focused on providing high quality service. This is evidenced by their commitment to maintaining extremely high retention, and allowing a large number of simultaneous connections for their accounts. Since they have a wide variety of block accounts, from as small as 2GB, it doesn’t take a large amount of money to try their service out. If you are looking for good provider, and interested in Block Accounts, rather than subscription accounts, Usenet-News.Net should be on your list. As a final note, since they didn’t have a logo – we decided to use famous picture of the Nazca “Astronaut”. That “Astronaut” is actually a collection of lines drawn on the ground in Peru, many years ago. The picture becomes clear when you view it from above. Their service is by “Nasca Communications, Ltd.”, so we thought it was fitting!

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