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The service from UsenetBinaries is a little bit interesting when you compare it to a lot of the competitors. First off, UsenetBinaries is focused on their web gateway. They specifically promote their web service for searching, downloading, and viewing files on Usenet. Although they do offer standard “NNTP Access” to their customers, UsenetBinaries primarily promotes itself via their web gateway. So right off the bat, you have to understand that their service is a little different than a lot of the competitors.

The web gateway from UsenetBinaries is pretty robust. For starters, it automatically downloads, indexes, sorts, and creates thumbnails of the files it finds on Usenet. Furthermore, it does this process every day. This means when you login, the downloading is already completed for you. You can jump right to viewing – whether it be a picture file, a video file, whatever. When you consider that everyday there are tens of thousands of new uploads to Usenet, this is a pretty cool feature. Especially since all you have to do is login to the web gateway to get started. Not only can their web gateway allow you to watch videos on their High Def Flash Player, it can also let you download any of the videos in H.264 MPEG-4 format for viewing on your mobile device (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) The web gateway is browser based, so there is no additional software required to utilize the service. This is very convenient for users that may be traveling, on shared computers, or browsing via a mobile device.

UsenetBinaries only offers one plan to their customers. The plan is an unlimited plan, with no transfer or speed restrictions. However, since their focus is the web gateway, and “pre-downloading” all the usenet files for you, their retention is rather low. This would be a big impact for subscribers that are used to traditional NNTP-type access with binary retention in excess of 2 years. However, since that really isn’t their market (regular NTTP-type) UsenetBinaries shouldn’t be thought of too harshly. Unfortunately though, when compared to a lot of the other premium providers, the retention is so low that our editors thought it best to rate the retention purely by the numbers. The same goes for their number of simultaneous connections – it is rather low when compared to the competitors. But again, this is a nonissue for those customers seeking a usenet provider with a web gateway.

The web gateway is really where UsenetBinaries shines. The ability to quickly log into their website and begin viewing the files on usenet saves a great deal of time and energy. Instead of searching via a 3rd party website, and then waiting for a download; you can get going very quickly with their web gateway. This gives you access to terabytes of pictures and video files extremely quickly. Much faster than you would otherwise have with a traditional NTTP-type usenet service. If you are looking for a simple way to access the files on Usenet and not interested in traditional NNTP type access, then you should consider UsenetBinaries and check out their web gateway. They also offer a free trial, so you can investigate their service before signing up for the long term. They have been in business for 8 years now, and have found a very successful niche in providing a quality web gateway to customers interested in usenet access.

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