Using this Website

How do I use this website?

Simple!  You search for, read, and compare reviews on VPN and Usenet service providers!

You can browse the reviews on the homepage by simply scrolling down and reading through the reviews that are shown.  The reviews are ordered according to the provider ratings – and the highest rated providers are listed on the top.

You can also select the Review Type on and quickly list all the reviews of a particular type – either Usenet or VPN.  When you roll your mouse over the review type, the number of reviews will be shown.

On the right hand side of the site you will find the Top 5 Usenet and VPN providers.  Click the provider name to jump directly to their full review and feature list.

Or, alternatively, you can search for a particular service provider, feature, function, or anything really, by using the search form found on the left hand side.

The Comparison Tables list the Top Rated providers in either category – Usenet or VPN.  Use the links at the top of the site to jump directly to the comparison tables and quickly see how the Top Rated providers stack up against each other.

Don’t forget the most important part – contribute your own personal feedback and ratings if you are a customer of any of the service providers listed here!  Your ratings and feedback directly determine which providers are listed at the top and make it into the Top Rated lists!