VPN Features

What are the VPN features tracked by this site?

This site tracks various features of VPN services to help customers compare the different providers.  You will find the features offered by each provider listed in the full review.

Some features will receive a check mark, indicating “Yes”.  If there is a red x, this indicates “No”.  Otherwise, the text will explain the feature for the particular provider.

Each feature has it’s own tooltip.  Simply move your mouse over the name of the feature and a tooltip will appear describing the feature in more detail.

Below is the list of VPN features and their description.  Each of these features are tracked by the editors of this site and should help you, the user, compare the various providers.

The following features are listed by plan type (low/medium/high)

Low plans are the least expensive plan offered by the provider.
Medium plans are a middle of the road/middle-tier offering.
High plans are the most expensive plan offered by the provider.

note:  low plan is used in the below examples