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CactusVPN is a relative newcomer to the VPN industry but they have come on strong with a solid service and low prices. The VPN service from CactusVPN is inexpensive on a per month basis, and includes a lot of high end features. For starters, mỗi gói VPN từ CactusVPN là không giới hạn và bao gồm PPTP,,en,Các máy chủ cho CactusVPN được đặt tại Hoa Kỳ,,en,Anh và Hà Lan,,en,CactusVPN không cho phép P2P / BT trên các máy chủ của họ NL,,en,và với băng thông không giới hạn unmetered,,en,chuyển file dễ dàng với CactusVPN,,en,Mỗi kế hoạch từ CactusVPN bao gồm một không có câu hỏi,,en,Ngoài việc đảm bảo,,en,CactusVPN cung cấp,,en,giờ thử nghiệm miễn phí với không có thẻ tín dụng cần thiết,,en,Đó là tốt để cung cấp tiền bảo lãnh trở lại,,en,thật tuyệt khi đưa ra một ngày dùng thử đầy đủ với không có thẻ tín dụng,,en,Thật ngạc nhiên là làm cả hai,,en,Thường trực Liên kết với Liberty VPN,,en,Liberty VPN cung cấp dễ sử dụng và giá cả phải chăng các kết nối VPN qua các máy chủ đặt tại năm quốc gia khác nhau,,en,và Anh,,en,Kế hoạch được chia theo quốc gia và cũng có một là,,en,All-In-One Plan,,en,trong đó bao gồm tất cả các nước,,en, L2TP, và các giao thức OpenVPN. The servers for CactusVPN are located in the US, UK and Netherlands. CactusVPN does allow P2P/BT on their NL servers, and with unlimited unmetered bandwidth, file transfer is easy with CactusVPN. Every plan from CactusVPN includes a no questions asked 30 ngày trở lại tiền bảo lãnh. In addition to the guarantee, CactusVPN offers a 24 hour free trial with no credit card required. It’s good to offer the money back guarantee, it’s great to offer a full day trial with no credit card. It’s amazing to do both!

The VPN service from CactusVPN can allow you to change and hide your IP address to any of their offered countries. This means you can surf anonymously on the web. The VPN from CactusVPN can also help you access blocked websites and applications. Service from CactusVPN is available for Windows (32/64 chút), Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, FreeBSD, and Nokia N900. Tuy nhiên, the CactusVPN client application is currently Windows ONLY. This application is the small piece of software from CactusVPN that makes selecting a country and VPN protocol very simple, and offers additional helpful features to manage your VPN connection. As a VPN client, the software from CactusVPN gives you all the basics you need, and a few nice extra features as a bonus.

cactusvpn windows client connected

CactusVPN is known for their social networking marketing as well. They do some great promotions via their Twitter, Google+, and Facebook accounts. CactusVPN has been known to offer free accounts for followers and fans! Plans from CactusVPN are actually very inexpensive though, and starting at only $4.99/month, they have something for even the most frugal. The high end package includes all countries (Mỹ, Anh, and NL) but comes in at only $9.99/month, so it’s still a bargain. Considering that all plans offer PPTP, L2TP, và các giao thức OpenVPN, either the low or high plan is a good deal.

As an added bonus to their VPN service plans, in addition to the low prices and good features, CactusVPN includes Proxy Services! Every package, even the $4.99/mo includes proxy, which means they give you the server addresses for use in web browsers, vv. Our experience with CactusVPN in general was very good. The software for Windows worked well, and the VPN service provided some good speeds.

Tháng hai 2012 Cập nhật: Chúng tôi có một In Depth VPN Review and Full Speed Test of CactusVPN! This review includes loads of screenshots on the software and actual tests of the CactusVPN servers.

Tháng ba 2014 Cập nhật: CactusVPN has really taken off over the past two years and has solidified itself as a solid VPN service provider. They have expanded into DNS service as well with Smart DNS and packages that bundle both DNS and VPN together. The DNS Service from Cactus VPN is also quite robust with more than just the major streaming websites covered. Their listing is expansive, and with a Free Trial available, its hard to turn down. The CactusVPN software has undergone some significant improvements since its initial versions. Current updates include the bundling of DNS Service and a much improved user interface. The Auto Proxy feature and available proxy listings are also a nice addition, rounding out the service nicely. The US, Anh, and NL VPN plan has been reduced in price from $9.99/mo to $6.99/mo and now includes Smart DNS! This is by far the cheapest unlimited VPN to include a torrent-enabled NL connection that also includes DNS service. No wonder Cactus VPN has been successful over the last 2 năm!

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6 Responses to “CactusVPN”

  1. Martin says:
    March 4th, 2012 tại 3:54 pm

    I just started using CactusVPN and have been pretty happy with their service. I got it mostly because it was one of the cheapest for unlimited with bittorrent. I can get about 10mbps from the NL server which is great for utorrent. I hope it stays as fast as it is now. I was with another provider and started to get slow so I left. Come on CactusVPN, don’t let me down!

  2. Racer5 says:
    Ngày 18 tháng 3, 2012 tại 10:04 pm

    I use CactusVPN for a week. I’m happy with the software provided by them. When I had a problem I could contact them via email and they would respond.

    From 20 min to 60 min for the answer swift. I’m just very pleasantly surprised. I use Cactus VPN on a Mac with Snow Leopard, and on Windows XP and Windows 7. The software is running on the pcs. The software is intuitive. Currently I use the US and UK servers.

  3. Soji says:
    April 17th, 2012 tại 8:59 pm

    only five dollars a month for unlimited vpn with every protocol. by far the best deal going right now, probably for the rest of the year. beats just about every other provider, even their long term plans. windows software makes it easy toosurprised this isn’t rank high

  4. Morton says:
    May 9th, 2012 tại 9:27 là

    Thought I would try the cheapest thing I could find for VPN this month. Actually pretty impressed with it to be honest. Windows vpn software client is basic but it works and gives the selection options you need. For the money its the cheapest thing out there. Five bucks goes longer here than it does at the big boys. Not bad.

  5. Drawtl says:
    February 27th, 2013 tại 4:33 pm
    Tốc độ Không đánh giá
    Sự bảo vệ
    Sự đáng tin cậy Không đánh giá
    Ủng hộ Không đánh giá

    Have you read their privacy policy???

    Go to the last line and tell me that this is still a service that you want to use for torrent downloads.

    We may send personally identifiable information about You to third parties when:
    We have Your consent to share the information or
    We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal processes which require us to disclose Registration Data or any information about You to law enforcement or other government officials as CactusVPN, in its sole discretion, believes necessary or appropriate.

    No warm fuzzy’s for this service

    biên tập viên lưu ý: it’s understandable to be concerned with vpn logging. it is very common. the complete privacy section from the CactusVPN Terms of Service is đây:


    CactusVPN will not sell or rent Your personally identifiable information to anyone unless You expressly consent to disclosures of Your personal identification and other personal information to third parties. We may send personally identifiable information about You to third parties when:

    We have Your consent to share the information or
    We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal processes which require us to disclose Registration Data or any information about You to law enforcement or other government officials as CactusVPN, in its sole discretion, believes necessary or appropriate.

  6. vô danh nói:
    April 15th, 2014 tại 12:59 pm

    Locating Australian proxies to gain access to web sites when you are from the state has never been simple. This video shows you how to alter your internet protocol address to an Australian one.

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