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CryptoCloud uses the Encryptica NetCloak™ VPN engine to deliver robust protection from surveillance with NO drop in throughput or speed. They own and manage their own global network of custom, encrypted, secure server gatewayswhat they have dubbed theCryptoCloud” (applause). CryptoCloud boasts that their VPN service is sofast and easy, you’ll need to double-check to be sure you’re reallyin the cloudand running 100% encrypted!” CryptoCloud VPN service uses a Java-based client applet to maintain the secure connection. The client is designed to maintain a connection at all times so even if you have some hiccups in your internet connection. Wireless? No problem. Cellular data connection? No problem. Even a lost connection will be automatically re-created by the client. Every internet application you haveevery protocolruns through the secure tunnel and into the cloud. No packet left behind! (note: Cryptocloud is no more and has shutdown!)

CryptoCloud offers VPN service with OpenVPN, utilizing 2048bit encryption during authentication. The plans from CryptoCloud are focused on the OpenVPN protocol and their NetCloak software. The only variation in plans are the term length, and discounts are offered for longer term subscriptions. P2P/BT/File sharing are allowed on the CryptoCloud network, and all plans are unlimited in terms of speed and transfer quotas. The CryptoCloud NetCloak VPN software supports WinXP/Vista/7, Linux, and Mac OSX. They also advertise compatability with mobile devices such as Android, iPad, and iPhone. This is done with their PPTP servers that are located primarily in the US, Verenigde Koninkryk, and Netherlands. PPTP service comes free with the purchase of CryptoCloud, which means you could also use the PPTP protocol on a computer if needed.

Logging Beleid: Cryptocloud advertises that they do not keep any logs and their policy supports that, “We don’t store logs of your network activity whilstin the Cloud.Ever. Ja, we mean that: we do not store logs of your network activity. We don’t have a privacy policy regarding those records because we don’t keep those records.

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