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Freedur is another premium plug-and-play VPN service.  Freedur was established in 2009 and is based in Hong-Kong.  Freedur gets the plug-and-play name from their easy to install software application.  The Freedur application provides the VPN connection for its customers.  This means you don’t have to mess around with network settings to begin using your VPN connection.  It just works!

Freedur is one of a few premium VPN providers that utilize software for all their VPN services.  In other words, you must install the software to use the VPN service.  This has its benefits though, since it reduces setup time and makes it easy for anyone who is not familiar with networking to start using their VPN.

Freedur has somewhat of an interesting history, considering the fallout between the original partners, and the subsequent lawsuits…However, that seems to be all resolved now, and the VPN service has been featured in prominent spots on TV and and in the press (CNN, Shanghai List, The New York Times, etc.).  Freedur’s notoriety seems to come from their focus on providing secure VPN service to China and other expatriates around the world.  Since that can be considered somewhat controversial, the spotlight has often shined on Freedur and their VPN services.

Many reviewers indicate that Freedur is one of the best VPN services if you are in China or Hong Kong.  Since this is their focus, it stands to reason the reviewers know what they are talking about!  Many people also comment on the unique feature of their software that allows you to pick and choose which traffic is routed through the VPN, a proxy, or nothing at all.  Some people indicate that this is the best way to “fool” the great firewall of China, since pushing all traffic through a secure VPN would immediately draw attention to oneself.  Another thing to note is that China routinely bans VPN services and servers once they are discovered.  However Freedur has remained in operation, without major interruption.  There have been small hiccups along the way, some associated with the partner fallout and lawsuits, others likely associated with the technical challenges of overcoming a large government hell bent on blocking their citizens from using VPN services.

The pricing of Freedur service is relatively competitive, but certainly not the cheapest.  One thing to note is that their long term plan of 12 months is rather inexpensive when stacked up against the competition.  Especially since the plan includes L2TP/IPSec protocol.  Another great feature of Freedur is the ability to use it on iPhone or Android.  Again, this is focused on China and Hong Kong where even smart phone usage is monitored and blocked.  Overall Freedur seems to be a fairly good service, especially for those users behind the great firewall in China.

June 2011 Update: Well, it seems like FreeDur VPN is no more.  FreeDur VPN recently issued a press release that they will be merging with MocaVPN.  FreeDur VPN customers will be able to use their login/pass info with MocaVPN.  For more information please read our news bulletin here.

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