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Popular serviciu de proxy, Ascunde My Ass!, also has an equally popular VPN offering. Ascunde My Ass! Pro este un program avansat încă simplu de utilizat aplicație care criptează anonim întreaga conexiune la internet (prin utilizarea unui VPN - sistem de rețea virtuală privată). Their software automatically works with any application or protocol – whether this be web browsing, de mesagerie instant / IRC, jocuri online, Skype, etc. Pur și simplu pune, orice aplicație care necesită o conexiune la internet vor fi criptate și adresa IP (și, în unele cazuri, țara dumneavoastră) va fi schimbat practic cu doar o apasare a unui buton.

Cei mai mulți oameni știu HideMyAss, sau "HMA" pentru scurt, for their Free Proxy service. Users can venture over to their website, introduceți URL-ul pe care doresc pentru a căuta, and do so behind an anonymous proxy. Proxies are great, but they are no substitute for a premium VPN service – which is exactly why HMA offers HMA Pro. HMA Pro is essentially a software application, and that application runs in the background providing the VPN connection. Although many other providers utilize software for their VPN offerings, HMA Pro requires the use of their software. This is not necessarily a bad thing, deoarece permite HMA pentru a oferi mai multe caracteristici și funcții suplimentare, precum și o instalare minima pentru utilizator.

HideMyAss VPN Client Software Review

The HMA Pro plans are extremely competitive. Especially since they have instituted discounts across the board for their plans of various term lengths. De fapt, there are very few competitors that provide VPN service in the same cost range as HMA. One of the greatest features they offer through their software is the ability to switch countries at will. Although they may not have the largest selection of countries, ele sunt în prezent adăugarea de mai mult treptat (cum sunt majoritatea furnizorilor). Another handy feature of their software is the ability to switch IP addresses – either by a disconnect/reconnect, sau prin intermediul unui cronometru.

HideMyAss VPN Speed Test Results

Din păcate, HMA Pro nu oferă o versiune de încercare gratuită, dar există o 30 zi garanție de bani înapoi. Cu toate acestea, un presentiment – ele nu pot lua amabilitate să abuzeze de garanție!

De-a lungul anilor, Serviciu HideMyAss VPN a crescut semnificativ în ceea ce privește numărul de servere, țările oferite, and IP’s available. The below comparison chart of HideMyAss VPN servers over time shows the amazing growth of their VPN service. This is the kind of growth that will not only keep speeds high, dar ea ar trebui să crească viteza over time. That means more and faster VPN connections for their customers.

HMA VPN 2012 server list growth

Conexiuni multiple: HideMyAss permite până la 2 simultaneous connections on their individual plans with one account. Another option for multiple connections is to install HMA on a router. Contact HMA support for more information.

Țări blocate: HideMyAss nu interzice înscrieri din orice țară.

Mai 2011 Actualizare: HideMyAss VPN sa extins la 27 țări! This move increases their countries offered significantly, având în vedere că în urmă cu doar câteva luni au fost oferind doar conexiuni în aproximativ 16 țări. Our editors are extrem de impresionat cu această extindere de la HMA, și când îl combina cu ușor lor de a folosi software-ul client HMA VPN care vă permite să comutați adresa IP și țara repede, aveți o combinație câștigătoare! As a result of this expansion, our editors have upgraded the value rating on HMA. Don’t forget that HMA is currently offering 60% de pe ambalajele lor de abonament VPN, dar tu mai bine acționeze rapid – oferta este buna doar pentru o perioadă limitată de timp.

Iunie 2011 Actualizare: HMA has updated their VPN client software! We have added a serie de capturi de ecran from HideMyAss Pro VPN software to make it easier to understand their VPN service and how the software works. Screenshots include the dashboard, selecție țară (listă), selecție țară (hartă), Ghid de viteză, load balancing, și se leagă IP securizate.

Iulie 2011 Actualizare: Du-te în interiorul panoului de control web HMA și să ia un tur de tot ceea ce este disponibil pentru toți clienții HMA! Avem un lingura interior pe panoul de control web HMA, complet cu capturi de ecran! We also have an revizuire aprofundată a software-ului HMA VPN cu peste 25 capturi de ecran, și un încercare plin viteza de fiecare server cu analiza rezultatelor!

Ianuarie 2012 Actualizare: HMA-a extins la peste 200 servere, în 38 țări, oferind peste 24,000 Adresele IP! They have also rolled out L2TP VPN service! Citiți noastre buletin de știri pentru toate detaliile.

Octombrie 2012 Actualizare: The awesome expansion of HideMyAss VPN service continues in 2012! The count now stands at 282 servere, peste 33,000 IP, și 51 țări. Check out the graph of HMA expansiune serverul VPN Pro în articolul nostru de știri! Best part, Toate acestea expansiune cu nici un preț CREȘTERE!

Martie 2014 Actualizare: Celebrating their 8th birthday in October of 2013, HideMyAss is going strong in 2014. Their HMA software has undergone a number of major updates (cel puțin trei!) inclusiv suport pentru Windows 8.1 and improved server/country selections. Having now surprassed 550 servere și 65 țări, HMA VPN is one of the largest personal VPN services on the planet. They are so global, chat-ul lor on-line este deschis 24/7! One of the few VPN service providers who staffs at level, for sure. HMA has also beefed up their mobile game, eliberarea recent HMA! Pro VPN for Android. It’s still beta at the moment, but you can check it out for free on the Play Store. The best part is, după toate acestea extindere…prețul rămâne același…doar 11.52 dolari / luna pentru nelimitat VPN pe toate dispozitivele!

Ianuarie 2015 Actualizare: HideMyAss VPN is still one of the biggest names in personal VPN. Continued low prices combined with stellar VPN speed and selection make them one of the best, if not the best. Now with one of the largest VPN offerings, HMA offers servers in 150 țări! There are only 196 țări, or so, in the world today. Some services don’t even have 150 servere…so its easy to see how HMA has managed to stay on top of the VPN game. Monthly prices continue to be only $11.52, with no term commitment. Step it up 6 months service and the monthly cost goes down to $8.33. Go for the 12 month plan and your monthly cost is only $6.55! That’s right, not only has the monthly priced not increased in 4+ an, neither has the yearly price! Keeping the prices low, while expanding and adding new features isn’t easy, so kudos to HMA for getting it done. We continue to rate HMA highly, and user reviews indicate the same. Users looking for P2P and BT should look to Dutch and other NL servers (of which there are many!)

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28 Răspunsurile la “HideMyAss”

  1. Alex says:
    April 23rd, 2011 la 3:33 pm

    HideMyAss is a quality vpn. I use it pretty much everyday. There is a little bit of a slowdown, but all the choices of IPs and other options are great. They have some really great sales going now too. This makes the price pretty good. Would definitely recommend this service, A+

  2. Joey says:
    May 21st, 2011 la 1:59 pm

    When I bought HMA, I just thought I would download and try itbecause I was happy with my other VPN client software that I use. I had heard alot of good things about HideMyAss! Pro. The HMA Pro VPN client software and service is so cool I am blown away & I would highly suggest it, I love surfing just knowing I am untraceable and covered.

    Just a note, I had used hidemyip.com for one year prior and then hidemyassVPN. And don’t forget that HMA DOES have livechat web support. I have never had any problems with their speed, don’t know what’s up with Alex’s rating! 5 Stele!

    HIDEMYASS is by far the best!!

  3. Anthony says:
    May 21st, 2011 la 7:06 pm

    În primul rând, let me just say I am not new to VPN, VPN service or VPN clients. I switched to HMA from Perfect Privacy because I was in need of better performance and better pricing. HMA is really amazing, it´s feature-rich VPN client software makes it easy to use OpenVPN capabilities. Also HMA has many server locationsthey are really one of the best out there. SMTP on request is also a great thing which Perfect Privacy couldn´t offer. They provide fast support and a very reliable service for just $78/year, comparing to Perfect Privacy who charge 149€/year. Try HMA for just 1 month if you are not sure and you´ll see what I mean.

  4. Umair UAE says:
    30 mai, 2011 la 12:35 Sunt

    OpenVPN protocol on windows platform is seamless to connect and usehowever PPTP support for emerging mobile devices platform specially android and Blackberry, that i use is also pretty good. Windows client software is breeze to use. IP(country) change is no hassle either. server country coverage is wide. Disconnections are very rare but when occour due any other reason HMA client fails to detectsometime if wifi is reset, HMA is showig connectivity, auto reconnection is dlightly flawed. I hope they continue improvement in vpn server load managemnt, enhancing client application and support for smartphone operating systems can make a customer like me more satisfied and loyal at the time of subscription renewal

  5. Nick H says:
    June 12th, 2011 la 6:35 pm

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been using HMA VPN for about a year now, so I’ll just write down my thoughts about their service. Oh, and I’m writing from Germany!


    When I first started using HMA I had some problems logging on to the service. The online live support was very helpful and resolved my issues nearly instantly.

    At some point I had a problem with DNS-Filtering by my service provider which by no means is any problem from HMA, but anyway Live Support helped med to resolve the issue 🙂


    In the first few months speeds were a little slow. I had a 40/40Mbit connection and I was usually getting something like a 2-8Mbit while connecting to the closest European servers. At that time the software didn’t have the autoconnect option to the server with lowest user count or the general speed test. Speeds kept increasing over time so now I have a 30/30Mbit and I’m usually getting 15-20Mbit when connected with HMA. So that’s awesome 🙂

    Preț: It’s amazingly cheap, deal with it.

  6. Miles says:
    20 iunie, 2011 la 8:51 pm

    After trying several other anonymous VPNs, I have finally found one that works properly, is fast, and is extremely easy to use. While the price might seem slightly high, the old saying stands true that you get what you pay for. I would recommended this service to anyone looking for an anonymous VPN. Five out of five stars!

  7. Traveling Man says:
    June 22nd, 2011 la 10:26 pm

    As a regular traveler, I find HMA to be well worth the cost. It allows me to get around any blocked sites and also gives me peace of mind when I connect to unknown and untrusted networks at hotels and airports because I know they are not spying on my activity. OpenVPN also plays nice with all the firewalls I come in contct with. There is no question in my mind after a solid year of using HMA VPN that the service more than pays for itself several times over. The amazing range of locations you can connect through along with the surprising speed that is available through those connections is above and beyond any other Proxy service I have ever used and/or researched.

  8. JCheung says:
    July 23rd, 2011 la 9:55 pm

    Using Hide My Ass from China. Very good. They do not blocked. I can see all websites very well. Keeps facebook and twitter good with blogs too. Hope they work continued.

  9. Darkside says:
    August 2nd, 2011 la 11:08 Sunt

    Nothing bad to say really. Decent for the money. I dont think I would do anything too shady with it thou. Just file share !^!

  10. HMA All Day! spune:
    September 7th, 2011 la 1:50 pm

    HMA All Day!!! Their VPN service can’t be beat. Hands down it’s clearly the best with the best software and best service. I don’t know how it could get any easier with their software and I find myself looking at these other providers laughing at either a-no software or b-crappy software. The speeds I get, even from the overseas servers are probably better than 99% of the others anyway too. All you have to do is look around and read the reviews and you’ll see that HMA is the best. Have never had a need to contact support because install is easy and the software is brainless. Not sure why anyone would need to either. I have been looking into running a router though and I may end up calling for help on that! 🙂 5 stars guys, please don’t change!

  11. Radz says:
    27 octombrie, 2011 la 2:30 pm

    Just renewed my HMA account for another 6 luni. The Lulzsec/logging fiasco doesn’t really bother me enough to not renew. Especially when you consider HMA has one of the biggest networks and fastest speeds for cheapest pricethat and I don’t plan on hacking Sony or Mastercard anytime soon via HMA! Yup, sticking with HMA. I’ll get my tv, video, shared ip address, p2p, bt, and usenet securely and sacrifice my ability to hack foreign governmentsi guess!

  12. MyTH says:
    November 8th, 2011 la 2:54 pm

    The name may seem stupid (it kinda is) but their VPN works very well. I had Strong before coming over to HMA because of prices. Plus I think I’m getting a better deal with the server switching, and I like the application. Support was kinda slow for something I wanted but other than that everything is good.

  13. JimZim says:
    December 11th, 2011 la 8:11 pm

    Very easy to use, just connect to the fastest server and done. On windows its so easy, and for my phone, I just put the settings in (Android, ICS). Crazy servers everywhere but I don’t really think I need Latvia. App is cool since it shows the map as well. Fun to show off to people how you can connect all over the place!

  14. Geoff says:
    February 12th, 2012 la 1:24 pm

    hidemyass has by far the best vpn client application for people. I have showed it to my parents and my friends and they all ended up purchasing accounts to check it out. Great list of countries and every feature you could want in a vpn client. I mostly use it on the road while traveling but I also it at home for torrenting too.

  15. MightyWhitey spune:
    12 martie, 2012 la 5:57 pm

    I havent had a good experience with HMA.The speeds were so much slower than my connection without going through them. Im fully aware that going through a VPN may slow me down to some extent compared without VPN,My bandwith was almost always 25% of my max.Personally I believe they overload the servers I used them for about 3 months before I switched over to StrongsVPN. You may only get 5 switches a month over within certain coverage but if you need more sometimes they offer ala carte services at very reasonable prices. If speed is a deal breaker use another service other than HMA

  16. DBSing says:
    18 martie, 2012 la 9:26 pm

    I have been using HMA for about 6 months now. I find it to be VERY easy to configure, use and update, when necessary. Especially useful to me is the feature to specify which state in the US you want your server to be located within. This helps me to no end with certain subscriptions I have which require a subscriber to have a state-specific URL to successfully subscribe.

    The speed is frequently as good as what I get when not using HMA. I have configured HMA to start automatically when the computer starts, and it runs flawlessly in the background, perfectly shielding my identity. Living in a country where the government won’t even allow us to have a satellite TV dish makes having a quality product like HMA a true Godsend.

    Thank-you for a wonderful product that actually does work and works VERY well.

  17. Joe M. spune:
    18 martie, 2012 la 9:27 pm

    I’ve been using HMA for awhile now and would never think about canceling it. At the click of a button I can have a new IP for anything I’m doing which has been awesome. The software is simple to use and the support is outstanding. I think I’ve only had to contact them once and it was only about a billing problem which was corrected asap.

  18. James D. spune:
    18 martie, 2012 la 9:38 pm

    Generally works well. Uses about 38MB of memory while running. Usually takes about 12-25 seconds to switch ips. Crashes every once in a while (2-7 zi) letting my bound IP selections run free and requiring a manual restart. Can’t use SMTP port but that’s somewhat understandable. Heard that someone was given a notice about DMCA or whatever so I guess it’s not 100% “anonim” (de exemplu,. Not recommended for doing bad things on the internet). În întregime, worth the money (at the 1 year subscription rate) as long as things continue to improve.

    Would like to have anunboundoption for certain websites. De exemplu, Facebook.com becomes retarded when logging in from another ip due to security concerns. May also apply to some online banking websites/paypal. Would like to be able to specify to use my original ip for sites such as those.

  19. Daniel S says:
    18 martie, 2012 la 9:48 pm

    I’ve used quite a few VPN services available in the last few years,and they are definitely not all created equal. Some have good speeds, most do not, some have stable connections, most again do not. However HMA has consistent stable, reliable speeds that are equivalent or not even noticeably less than my direct connection to the internet. Now obviously if you are talking servers very far away, then its significantly slower. But the application basically shows you that anyway. Another real perk, is how valuable it is to have the vast amount of ip address’s and locations available, it really makes a large difference being able to connect to thousands of IP’s than say 3-4 or even 1 at some vpn service’s. Overall I would have to say my experience with HMA has always been easy in all ways around, Viteza, software, stability, și sprijin. Thanks HMA for making my internet surfing that much safer and with the ease of 2 clicks of a button to be connected.

  20. Elias says:
    March 21st, 2012 la 11:36 Sunt

    HMA is basically perfect for VPN. Low month price which I like and super easy software. Sometimes for fun I connect to way foreign servers. Interesting ads you get when visiting certain websites when pretending to be from India lol. Speeds are good and easy to see. Use it for all my laptops and downloads.

  21. Kawa says:
    April 27th, 2012 la 5:27 pm

    More countries than I need, speeds are normally pretty good for safe downloads, and about twelve dollars a month. I like the fact that I can cancel at any time too. Windows software works well for me, I don’t know about Mac or anything.

  22. DiverDoon says:
    May 7th, 2012 la 8:58 pm

    With liberty reserve private payment its about as good as you can get for truly anon. Their software beats the rest too and I had Strong before as well. Too bad there isn’t another good anon payment option.

  23. VLaar says:
    July 15th, 2012 la 4:47 pm

    Recently bought this for the large amount of international traveling I do. Has the easiest software and all the countries I need. Always check the speed before connecting. Makes me feel a lot safer on the road at the free wifi.

  24. Ben says:
    January 16th, 2013 la 10:09 pm

    they took a beating when that kid used their service to hack sony (’09?) but really that’s his own damn fault for using a ten dollar a month service. I have used HMA for years to watch olympics, football, and browse safely. I don’t hack websites but I do download occassionally

  25. Kyle&Stan says:
    June 1st, 2013 la 6:57 pm

    can’t go wrong with HMA. its super easy and helps tremenduously with youtube and netflix buffering. on regular cable connection youtube can take forever load. as soon as i turn on the hidemyass vpn it speeds rightgee you think my ISP has something to do with it?!

  26. Garett says:
    June 14th, 2013 la 12:10 pm

    Hands down has to be the fastest VPN with the most server choices. Prices are cheap and have stayed that way even month to month. App is pretty lightweight and it does the job.

  27. POLE says:
    April 25th, 2014 la 7:03 pm

    hahah this is a stupid form mancomeon

    Hidemyass is most popular but also hated because of that stupid sony hack. Fuck that kid took down the stupid PSN. Yeah I read TF and yeah I use HMA its just fine and NL speeds are high from USA. Works good for torrenting People complain about wanting to torrent on US servers. Idiots.

  28. Seed says:
    November 16th, 2014 la 9:48 pm

    HMA is still the best in terms of price and performance. I’ve had them for years now. You should update your review the application has gotten a lot better! Your screenshots are out of date!

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