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Invisible Browsing VPN, or ibVPN for short, is a relatively new player in the personal VPN service market, but they have come out strong with solid offerings for customers.  Invisible Browsing is best known for their anonymous browsing software solution of the same name.  The VPN service is a recent expansion, and ibVPN offers two major categories of VPN plans:  single user and multi user.  This is what sets them apart from a number of VPN service providers because most VPN services do not offer options for multiple users.  Think of a multi user account like a family account on your cell phone.  One plan, one price, a certain number of connections.  Although these types of plans aren’t completely unheard of – they are not typically offered by a lot of larger VPN providers.  However, they can provide a substantial savings for households looking for VPN services, or people with lots of computers that all require VPN service.

Invisible Browsing VPN has servers in most of the major countries such as: US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, France and, Ireland.  Their recent expansions have grown their core servers, as well as added new areas like Turkey, Egypt, and Singapore.  This should be enough to satisfy most users, and provide the ability to access content around the globe.  ibVPN is so confident in their services that they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and 10 day money back guarantee.  In the world of online services, and VPN services, a 10 day money back guarantee is nothing to laugh at.  If you can’t figure out whether you like the service and get a good connection from their servers in 10 days…the problem is probably not ibVPN, it’s probably you!  When you combine this with the multi vpn package, ibVPN is actually something a small business could look at as a potential VPN solution.  Multi VPN would handle the number of connections, and the guarantee ensures you aren’t stuck with a service that doesn’t work.

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The plan prices for individual users are fairly competitive, and our editors think ibVPN does a good job of packaging their VPN services into regional deals.  This means you can get a good price on VPN service package from ibVPN that provides just the countries you need.  Since those packages start at around $5.00, they are definitely on the inexpensive side of fence!  The premium VPN package from ibVPN is not much more in terms of cost and offers all of their available servers, 2 simultaneous connections, ibDNS (new!), proxy, and torrent.  It is an insanely loaded premium VPN for an extremely low price.  All plans offer nice discounts if customers decide to purchase longer terms (3/6/12months available).

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ibVPN offers PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN services.  Each plan includes access to all three protocols, which is also a nice bonus because it means you get more secure services like L2TP and OpenVPN, but also have access to PPTP which works well with  mobile devices (iPhone/iPad/Android).  The PPTP and OpenVPN protocols utilize software from ibVPN, while L2TP does not require any software.  The software is available for Windows and Mac, but a standard install of OpenVPN with the ibVPN certificates would suffice for Linux users.  The software is fairly basic, but it does allow a choice of server, however it does not offer random IP addresses from the servers like some other software programs provided by other VPN services.  As new servers and countries are added, the ibVPN software will update automatically.  Unfortunately none of the plans or protocols offered at ibVPN support torrents or P2P, so definitely take that into consideration before purchasing.  All packages and protocols do provide unlimited bandwidth though.  Another upside is that ibVPN does not keep any logs whatsoever of their customers connections of activities.

ibVPN now offers mobile solutions of your iPhone/iPad and Android devices!

March 2014 Update:  Invisible Browsing VPN is going strong in 2014!  Rock bottom VPN prices, targeted service plans, and an ever-expanding network of VPN servers have kept ibVPN in the front of the pack for VPN services.  Seriously, it doesn’t get much cheaper than $4.95/mo, and they have had that low price since 2010!  A simple torrent VPN plan from ibVPN can cost you less than a trip to McDonalds and comes with servers for downloading, as well as servers for streaming North American media!  Its a great combo really, for $4.95/mo you can secure your downloads and open up Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go!/etc.  No wonder these guys have been so successful the past few years!  Now in 23 countries with 60+ servers, ibVPN offers premium VPN for people looking to secure their online footprint or bypass regional restrictions (up from 7 countries in 2011).  The VPN software from ibVPN is much improved with all in one apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.  YouTube videos are available to overview the Windows and Mac versions.  ibVPN has also put a toe into the DNS waters, with DNS service packages available for cheap.  Only $4.95/mo for the ibDNS!  For a complete listing of all their streaming websites covered in ibDNS, check their website.  All the major sites are covered, and this makes ibVPN another in a long list of VPN providers now offering DNS services for those looking to only unblock geo-restricted streaming sites.  ibVPN has added routers to their product catalog with partner Sabai Technologies.  Routers are available pre-configured from major brands such as Belkin, Netgear, and Linksys.  And last, but certainly not least, you have a major price drop on their premium VPN plan!  Down from $19.95 to only $10.95/mo for 2 connections, ibDNS, proxy, torrent, and unlimited VPN!  It’s an amazing deal they have going considering what is included.  Kudos to ibVPN for lowering their prices and adding to their service at the same time!  Given the reduction in price, increase in service, and improvement in quality, the rating for ibVPN has significantly improved.

Cost per 1 Month $4.95 to $10.95 (varies)
Cost per 3 Months $10.95 to $24.95 (varies)
Cost per 6 Months $19.95 to $42.95 (varies)
Cost per Year $36.95 to $82.95 (varies)
Minimum Term None
Low Plan Term 1 Month
Low Plan Protocol PPTP & L2TP & OpenVPN
Low Plan IP Shared
Low Plan Cost $4.95
Medium Plan Term 1 Month
Medium Plan Protocol PPTP & L2TP & OpenVPN
Medium Plan IP Shared
Medium Plan Cost $7.95
High Plan Term 3 Months
High Plan Protocol PPTP & L2TP & OpenVPN & DNS
High Plan IP Shared
High Plan Cost $10.95
IP Shared
IP Dedicated
Maximum Speed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Protocol PPTP
Protocol SSTP
Protocol L2TP IPSec
Protocol OpenVPN
File Share P2P
Requires Software OpenVPN only
Software Type Proprietary
Countries Offered 23
Invisible Browsing VPN4.42
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2 Responses to “Invisible Browsing VPN”

  1. p2p says:
    May 6th, 2011 at 10:28 pm

    Really helpful information about Invisible Browsing VPN which enables both families and small businesses to get good VPN service for cheap. I think people will benefit from these new services. Thanks for sharing good information on Invisible Browsing and it’s tariff plan. I have been using them for about a month and have been pretty happy with the speed but I think it slows down a bit. No big complaints so far.

  2. Hal says:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    Came from another vpn place…lets just say ibvpn is a WHOLE LOT better. especially since I have multiple computers. I mean who doesn’t these days?? Everybody else wants bucks per month for crazy multi account plans. I can get same service from ibvpn for all 3 computers at home (2 desktops 1 laptop). it’s a no brainer really. I lave it connected all the time. Don’t notice any slowdown on my DSL connection. Can’t be too careful now and even though I don’t download I still leave it on all the time. Support was good too. Had problems with my laptop (damn mac), solved it in about 15 minutes with them.

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