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IPVanish is a brand new VPN service just released in 2012. The service rollout seems to have gone very smoothly based on customer feedback. Our editors took it for a test drive, and from what we can tell, the IPVanish VPN client application and VPN service are working very well. IPVanish offers OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP VPN protocols for a fairly low monthly price. All IPVanish plans are unlimited downloads without any speed limitations. At the moment they have 15 countries available, ranging from the big names of US and UK to small foreign countries like Malaysia and Hungary. The IPVanish VPN client for Windows makes it a breeze to select between countries and switch protocols. This means you can hide your IP address very quickly, and change it at will. IPVanish VPN is compatible with Windows, ماك, دائرة الرقابة الداخلية, والروبوت.

The pricing from IPVanish is pretty low when compared to similar offerings. At only $10/month, the unlimited service from IPVanish looks pretty good, even when compared to other big name VPN services. This has definitely been a plus for IPVanish because it’s clearly driven some customers there way right out of the gate. The added benefit of providing all three major VPN protocols, PPTP, L2TP, والمسنجر, has also attracted some attention amongst customers. Many other providers mix up their VPN protocols, عرضت الدول, and VPN pricing to create a lot of various subscription plans. IPVanish has opted for a much more simple and customer friendly approach of one price, one plan, all countries, all protocols, والتنزيلات غير محدود. Definitely a big plus for people looking to get the best bang for their buck from a monthly VPN service plan.

ipvanish main wndow

في تجاربنا, the VPN service from IPVanish showed good reliability. Servers from the major countries performed flawlessly. The IPVanish Windows VPN client software provides the ping (سيد) for each server, making the selection of the fastest server dead simple. Easy to use radio buttons give you the ability to select VPN protocols. Pings for our east coast tester ranged from the ultra low <15ms to about 200ms max. All the US servers were responding very quickly, and many of the UK and EU servers were also very fast. مثلا, Amsterdam pings were always <100سيد.

IPVanish Android App

Now offering 41 countries and 90+ خوادم, IPVanish is growing quickly. Recent releases of VPN software for Mac and a partnership with Flashrouters have improved the service. IPVanish supports Win7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X with free VPN software. PPTP and L2TP setups are also offered for Android/iOS.

IPVanish and FlashRouters

Overall IPVanish offers a quality VPN service for nominal monthly price. The per month cost is low when compared to many other providers, and the features offered are quite nice. Simplifying the service to include all protocols and all countries for one low price makes it that much easier for new VPN users to join. The VPN client software for Windows, although only version “1.0”, makes selecting countries and protocols very easy. Our editors will keep an eye on IPVanish in the future, and we’re convinced there are more good things to come from this company. Prospective customers can probably expect the rollout of application updates, as well as the inclusion of new countries in future. Stay tuned!

IPVanish main window overseas pings

سياسة تسجيل: From the IPVanish terms of service, “We only log the times you connect to and disconnect from IPVanish. We do not log any of your activity (e.g. what websites you visit, who you chat/talk to, or what data is transferred).”

اتصالات متعددة: IPVanish supports two simultaneous connections, as long as they are using different protocols. مثلا, your desktop can be connected via OpenVPN while your smartphone is connected through either PPTP or L2TP.

منعت البلدان: IPVanish does not block orders from any countries.

يناير 2013 التحديث: The service from IPVanish continues to improve with updates to the desktop software and additional servers in new countries. تحقق من نشرة الأخبار for all the latest on what’s going on at IPVanish.

مسيرة 2014 التحديث: IPVanish VPN service is exploding in popularity due to their speedy and ever-expanding network of VPN servers. Now with 110+ servers in over 47 الدول, IPVanish is a big footprint in personal VPN providers. Multiple updates to their IPVanish software have been completed bringing some much needed stability to the connection process. Prices remain at market lows with their basic plan costing only $10/month for Unlimited VPN with OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP support. NAT firewall thrown in for free! IPVanish has also covered the bases with free mobile apps supporting both iOS and Android. Features like auto-reconnect and a simple server listing make using VPN on your mobile device extremely easy with IPVanish.

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3 الردود على “IPVanish”

  1. DxEdgeX says:
    April 17th, 2012 في 8:15 مساء

    Like these guys for ten bucks a month. Some servers don’t work though. Most do. Biggest number of servers is in the US, I think I didn’t count. Speeds from servers way outside the US are kinda slow, if you’re in the US that is. The windows software crashes sometimes too. All in all though, it’s good for the money. Can always connect and is very easy for only ten.

  2. Squid says:
    January 29th, 2013 في 9:00 مساء

    Is a decent vpn for not much money. Haven’t had any problems with p2p or torrent. I try to use the fastest servers I can all the time. Speeds can sometimes still be slower but its worth it for utorrent.

  3. silver says:
    September 11th, 2013 في 9:14 مساء

    Have been using these guys for awhile. Totally cheap and decent but sometimes can be spotty. Would recommend just connect to other servers.

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