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iVPN.net è un nuovo giocatore nel settore dei servizi VPN aver aperto le sue porte al mondo in 2009. La loro offerta di firma e che cosa li distingue dalla concorrenza è Multihop VPN su OpenVPN. Si tratta di un'offerta avanzata non tipicamente presenti sul mercato VPN. Questo tipo di servizio VPN offre un grado di sicurezza e di privacy per l'utente più alto da quando la connessione VPN viene instradato attraverso un intermediario, prima di essere inoltrato alla sua destinazione finale. Tutte Multihop VPN da iVPN.net è rimbalzato volta prima di raggiungere la destinazione finale. Ciò significa che ci sono tre punti spilli nella catena: origine, intermediario, e la destinazione finale. Oltre a Multihop OpenVPN, SingleHop regolare OpenVPN e L2TP / IPSec sono disponibili iVPN.net.

iVPN.net, although fairly new, is a well respected competitor in the VPN service industry due to their commitment to privacy and security. The individuals that founded them all came from the information technology security industry, and their experience in the security industry is a highlight of the iVPN.net sales pitch. Fortunately for their customers, it is much more than a sales pitch. They do not keep logs of activity, they separate the customer account and iVPN.net ID, and they provide anonymous payment methods. Encryption levels are also above average with 256bit AES on the primary data channel supporting the VPN tunnel. Appunto: Il nostro in depth review provides complete details on all encryption levels across the network. Their commitment also extends to customer support with live chat availability 7 days a week, and a prompt and friendly customer service support team that responds to emails very quickly. Our editors found their support above average, and their timeliness in responding was also very good. The commitment to customer support shows in the OpenVPN software which is easy to install and use. It is also apparent in the custom L2TP software (windows only) that removes any of the hassle of installing L2TP, which can often be time consuming and complicated for a novice user.


After completing a thorough and in depth review of the website client portal, iVPN.net OpenVPN software, L2TP software, and full speed test of the VPN network our editors were very impressed. The results indicated a robust network that was relatively faster than we initially expected. The multihop service is actually quite quick considering the additional overhead. L2TP is a tad slower than OpenVPN, but this is to be expected. Singlehop OpenVPN is very fast, with speeds near max of the original test connection. Further, the OpenVPN software and client portal provide a host of features and functions that make accessing and utilizing the VPN service very user friendly. For the full results of the in depth review and speed test of the network please visit this link.

iVPN OpenVPN Singlehop Speed Test

Pricing from iVPN.net is very competitive when you consider that a single monthly payment will get you complete access to Multihop OpenVPN, singlehop OpenVPN, e L2TP. This also includes unlimited server changes or IP switches. Bandwidth is unlimited and P2P file sharing is allowed. Good discounts are offered for longer term purchases, with a nice sweet spot at 3 mesi. The relative newness of the iVPN.net service does translate into a slightly smaller network than some of the very large providers in terms of number of servers or number of countries. Tuttavia, they do have a good variety of regional locations for their servers (Stati Uniti, Regno Unito, IT, and France) which should translate into fast speeds for the majority of users. Our speed tests covered every single server and VPN type. The overall results showed a network that was well built and quick enough to support video streaming without buffering. But you don’t have to take our word for ityou can try iVPN.net for 7 days risk free.

iVPN.net VPN Server Status

Our editors have also been provided some insight into future expansion from iVPN.net so look for good things to come from them over the next 6 a 12 mesi. Globale, iVPN.net gets good ratings from the team here. For full coverage of the iVPN.net client website portal, OpenVPN software, L2TP software (windows only), and speed test results please visit this link.

Paesi bloccati: iVPN.net uses an anti-fraud method for all orders. The country of origin is only one factor in the anti-fraud method. Tuttavia, most orders from Nigeria etc are blocked.

Politica di registrazione: The iVPN.net privacy policy states, “iVPN.net does not store any log files containing personally identifying information relating to user activity on the iVPN.net network. The only logs we collect are for system performance analysis and in no way can be attributed to any individual. If a law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over our business presents us with a valid order from a confirmed judicial authority, we will comply with that order as written. Tuttavia, we cannot be compelled to present information we do not store such as the network traffic logs.

Luglio 2011 Aggiornare: We have completed an extremely thorough In Depth Review and Speed Test of the iVPN.net! The review includes their website client portal, software, and full speed test of all available servers. Oltre 25 screenshots! Si prega di consultare la nostra news bulletin here. Our full editors review now reflects the results from the in depth review and speed test.

Marzo 2014 Aggiornare: iVPN has surpassed our wildest expectations in the past few years. Their service has grown substantially and their unwavering commitment to online privacy has made them a go-to VPN service for many people. Now in their 5th year of operation, iVPN prides itself on the enhanced security of its VPN service with 256bit AES and multihop technology. Their simple and straight forward privacy policy, and domicile in Malta, tells you everything there is to know about their commitment to customer privacy. It’s serious, and among the best in the industry. Not surprisingly, service rates remain unchanged over the past few years. iVPN continues to offer competitive pricing for truly anonymous VPN with unlimited bandwidth at only $15/month!

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  1. soup4U says:
    July 5th, 2011 a 9:40 pm

    I signed up for iVPN about 2 months ago and have been pretty pleased with their OpenVPN service. I’m on the $15 plan, and I don’t see any reason why somebody would buy the $20 plan with the same specs. $15 is recurring though every month, but you get 7 days money back. I guess I probably should have bought the longer term plan to save but that’s fine. Speed is OK, but I wonder if their multihop stuff, which I thought was great at first, slows it down. I’m really not sure. But it’s unlimited bandwidth, and I don’t really have problems streaming from BBC or anything. They say they are offshore but don’t really say where. They also don’t keep logs either. Oh, they don’t offer PPTP, so you have to use L2TP if you want it on your iPhone. 5 stars except for speed.

  2. Price is fine says:
    11 luglio, 2011 a 10:04 pm

    The price on iVPN is fine, I don’t know why you have it rated so low. It’s cheaper than VyprVPN and yet you have them rated higher. Makes no sense. You really should work on your review for them too. iVPN has US and UK servers primarily. They spend a lot of time making sure their Chinese customers can connect to the west coast, and I think they are mainly known for serving Chinese customers too. I ended up going with them because they were one of the few that had 256bit encryption between the client and server, while most have 128bit. Initially I thought I would try it and get a refund using the 7 day guarantee but I have renewed a few times now. No problems with them at all. No issues with speed for me either, I normally connect to US servers.

  3. Rorymug says:
    July 19th, 2011 a 1:45 pm

    I’ve been with iVPN.net for about 6 mesi. When I signed up I was surprised how quickly I was able to get setup. Their support was fantastic and most importantly, their USA server speeds from Western Europe are fantastic. They are the 3rd provider I’ve used (HMA and Overplay) and so far they are the best. Their annual account is great value, I’ll be renewing soon.

  4. dista8 says:
    August 9th, 2011 a 10:18 pm

    I signed up for iVPN.net after reading your review and speed test. So thanks for that, lol. I’m on the west coast and I think I actually get a bit better speeds that your test showed, which was really great. I decided to go with them for multihop since that wasn’t around anywhere else. It’s only been a few weeks but so far I haven’t had any problems. The install was easy on my Windows 7 computer. I have both L2TP and OpenVPN installed but I only use the multihop US to NL. Price is pretty good but I guess if I didn’t want multihop I could find something cheaper. Haven’t had any reason to need support. I think the multihop has better protection, but I’m not sure since I use one that has US. I would use UK to NL but that was a lot slower for me. Anyway these guys seem pretty good. Nice option for the multihop.

    Nota dell'editore: wow! thanks for reading and signing up! glad the review was helpful and it is working out for you. come back and tell us more once you have been with iVPN.net for awhile longer, will ya?

  5. Olo says:
    September 6th, 2011 a 9:43 pm

    Bought ivpn for the multihop. Have been impressed so far. Speeds are pretty good, but obviously slower than my regular connection which is to be expected. I normally use the multihop openvpn. I don’t trust a lot of these providers that change the openvpn install. I like the way ivpn uses the native openvpn software for install and then just gives you the certificates. Also their easy install for l2tp is nice, although i don’t really use itstill it was a nice addition to the package. I would put these guys near the top of the list for vpn providers, up there with the big dogs easily even though I think they are new.

  6. Samuel says:
    27 ottobre, 2011 a 8:16 pm

    Just bought them and have been happy last few days. I like the ablit to switch quickly from server to server. Speeds are good I don’t notice a slowdown much. I bought because I spend a lot of time on open wifithis was cheap and easy.

  7. RTownes says:
    November 5th, 2011 a 10:49 pm

    working good on both my mac and pc. mac is laptop and pc is desktop. really easy to select servers to connect. i normally just pick whichever is fastest at the time. reliability seems good, servers are always up when i need to connect. if it’s slow i just switch to another serverproblem solved. price is ok, probably could get cheaper but i don’t mind as long it keeps working

  8. John says:
    November 18th, 2011 a 3:08 pm

    I’ve tried iVPN on two separate occasions. The first time was about a month ago and I was very happy with the speed of their service, however, “live chat” support that they mention on their website is not available. Anche, upon submitting trouble tickets, it takes at least 1 day up to 3 days for a response which, once received, seems to be nothing more than kicking the can down the alley. I cancelled and continued to use my current provider which is HMA. Fast forward to current, I decided to try them once again thinking maybe I caught them in some transition. Bene, the speed, which I originally mentioned, was good for 1 day and then, without explanation, it dropped about 70%! I emailed support multiple time and was told that they see nothing wrong on their end and I should try another provider for comparison. I’m by no means a “difficult” person to deal with but I must say I was very disappointed with the responses or, in some cases, half baked responses that I received not to mention the fact I was told to try another service. I feel the tech support is either run by amateurs or people that just don’t take it seriously. I will be heading back to my previous provider.

  9. GTA says:
    18 Marzo, 2012 a 10:07 pm

    Long time user of another VPN (which was pretty good for awhile) but after using iVPN, I can say this is better per dollar spent. Overall I have been happy with the iVPN service. It seems to do the job well and my downloading/uploading is not affected very much if I connect to servers close to me. They are the only ones I know of with multi hop built into the selection too. Speeds could be higher for the foreign servers.

  10. Laurent says:
    29 Giugno, 2013 a 11:00 pm

    I use ivpn for several months now (I was using HMA before) and am very satisfied with them. Only problem I had was the Paypal payment who is not a very trustworthy company for privacy. It seems that you can now use bitcoin so I’ll try next time.

    Beside this, good speed (better than HMA from far), easy to install and good support.

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