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Liberté VPN offre des connexions VPN faciles à utiliser et abordables grâce à des serveurs situés dans cinq pays différents: Canada, Hong-Kong, Allemagne, USA, et au Royaume-Uni. Les plans sont répartis par pays et il ya aussi un “All-In-One plan” qui comprend tous les pays. Liberté VPN peut fournir PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, et / ou OpenVPN pour chacun des pays. La “All-In-One-plan” livré avec PPTP, L2TP, et SSTP qui le rend idéal pour les personnes qui ont besoin de plus de flexibilité. Autres régimes prévoient seulement un protocole VPN spécifique pour les personnes préfèrent faire du shopping à la carte. Plates-formes supportées comprennent: WinXP / Vista / 7, Mac OSX, Androïde, et iOS. Gardez à l'esprit que SSTP est Windows uniquement, mais serait excellent travail pour les endroits qui bloquent PPTP et L2TP. Prix ​​de Liberty VPN est en concurrence avec le tout-en-un plan offrant la meilleure valeur pour le dollar.

To use the Liberty VPN service no additional software is required, except in the case of OpenVPN. For OpenVPN service, Liberty VPN makes uses of the standard OpenVPN client with configuration files that are provided after signup. Other than OpenVPN, Liberty VPN makes use of the software in your operating system. P2P file sharing is allowed, but they strictly prohibit sharing pirated material. They are very picky about users who need to send large amounts of email using the VPN…(spammers this means you!). On the other hand they don’t have any problem advertising that they unblock Skype in the UAE. Technical support is email based and is available to registered customers via the client portal.

A refund policy is in place but it only allows for 3 days or 50MB of traffic. So be careful when testing the VPN out. It would be easiest to login and complete speed tests at various times during the trial period. This would ensure the 50MB traffic quota would not be exceeded during the 3 day trial period. All major credit cards are accepted. Accounts are created manually after detailed fraud checks. The use of peer-2-peer networks (P2P) such as Bit Torrent is strictly prohibited and all orders are thoroughly screened for fraud. Virtual Private Network (VPN) usage is legal in the majority of countries with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Libye, Corée Du Nord, Soudan, et la Syrie.

Pays bloqués:Liberty VPN will not sell to people residing in Cuba, Iran, Libye, Corée Du Nord, Soudan, et la Syrie. Furthermore, orders from Nigeria and Vietnam will be rejected because of the high possibility that it will be used for online fraud.

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  1. pluvmanelo says:
    April 30th, 2013 à 2:06 h

    ‘P2P file sharing is allowed
    ‘The use of peer-2-peer networks
    (P2P) such as Bit Torrent is strictly
    Which is it?

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