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Eenvoudig gestel, Oorspeel 'n diens wat jou internet verkeer enkripteer via een van hul hoë spoed en betroubare Skynprivaatnetwerk bedieners. Dit sal alles wat jy stuur uit onderskepping beveilig deur jou gereelde ISP of WiFi verskaffer. Oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk verbloem jou verbinding en maak dit verskyn na webwerwe wat jy besoek asof jy direk via ons internasionale bedieners verbind. In effek wat jy verander jou IP-adres vir een van hul Amerikaanse, Verenigde Koninkryk, Ierse, Kanadese, or Swedish IP Addresses. Overplay also offers SmartDNS at a reduced price for those looking to unblock regional entertainment restrictions on sites like Hulu or Netflix.

Oorspeel is geneig om te fokus op die verskaffing van Skynprivaatnetwerk diens, sodat hul kliënte oor die hele wêreld kan aanlyn TV kyk. Jy dalk opgemerk het die TV in hul logo, en die woord "speel" in hul naam! Dit sluit kyk BBC iPlayer, Bolope, en ander gewilde plekke wat bied 'n gratis TV aanlyn. Hierdie terreine toegang tot die vrye inhoud blok gewoonlik en laat net sekere lande toegang. Byvoorbeeld, buite Noord-Amerika, Hulu is geblokkeer. En, buite die Verenigde Koninkryk, BBC iPlayer is geblokkeer. Wel, nie meer nie - nie as jy 'oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk!

Ten einde dit te bewerkstellig, Oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk het beide die vermoë om jou land te kies om te voorsien (en IP adres), sowel as 'n hoë spoed konneksie. Die keuse van jou land is belangrik, sodat jy kan toegang tot die webwerwe van die TV inhoud kry, en die hoë spoed konneksie is belangrik omdat streaming TV neem 'n baie bandwydte! Hulle lyk albei nogal goed te doen en dikwels reageer op enige verband of spoed probleme stiptelik, hoewel hulle nie "live" ondersteuning. Steeds, baie premie verskaffers wegkom sonder om live ondersteuning deur eenvoudig die verskaffing van vinnige en reageer ondersteuning via e-pos.

Overplay VPN and Overplay SmartDNS

Oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk gebruik van 'n persoonlike bou van OpenVPN sagteware vir kliënte wat nie die gebruik van PPTP of L2TP. Dit is redelik tipies onder top toegeroep verskaffers. Sommige verskaffers net gebruik OpenVPN as-is, met 'n konfigurasielêer. Ander gebruik persoonlike bou, soos oorspeel makeover. Ander gaan almal uit eie en hul eie sagteware ontwikkel. Oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk sagteware werk met Windows, Mac, Linux, en selfs die iPhone! Overplay actually allows you to either use their OverplayVPN software, die persoonlike OpenVPN sagteware, or a standard OpenVPN application with the config files. Talk about choices!

Die planne wat aangebied word deur oorspeel, Wel, ons moet sê "plan", aangesien hulle net 'n! Die plan wat aangebied word deur oorspeel loop maandelikse en is baie mededingend vir die prys. Jy betaal vir 'n maand vooruit al, maar dit is redelik tipies van die meeste verskaffers. Jy kan kanselleer enige tyd, en daar is geen minimum termyn vereiste.

Geblokkeer Lande: Oorspeel nie toelaat aanmeldingen van die volgende lande: Cuba, Iran, Libië, Noord-Korea, Soedan, en Sirië.

Logging Beleid: Die oorspeel Skynprivaatnetwerk privaatheidsbeleid sê, “Inligting oor “Service Gebruik” sal nie openbaar gemaak word aan enigiemand, behalwe waar deur die wet vereis. “Service Gebruik” uitsluitlik uit die datum / tyd van die verband met ons, die lengte van die verband, die bron IP-adres gebruik vir die aansluiting, en die getal van grepe oorgedra. Geen logs rakende individuele sessie gebruik (behalwe soos hierbo) gehou word.”

Julie 2011 Update: Oorspeel het nou uitgebrei hul VPN diens aan 31 beskikbaar lande! We also have some speed test results available from their US East, Verenigde Koninkryk, and Ireland servers for your review. Head on over to our nuusbulletin vir al die nuutste inligting oor die uitbreiding en spoed toetse!

Januarie 2014 Update: Met die Olimpiese Spele in Sochi vinnig nader, Overplay is quickly becoming the hot topic. At net $4.95 vir SmartDNS, Overplay VPN can solve any access restrictions and open up fully Olympic coverage. We have been following Overplay for some time and they have been very successful with their focus on personal VPN for media content. This isn’t their first time doing the Olympics either! The country count has increased substantially to 48. Their simple setup across a wide variety of platforms (router, mobiele, lessenaar, ens) and VPN app combined with the ultra low prices typically keep Overplay in the top VPN providers. The new addition of SmartDNS at only $4.95/month complements their existing $9.95/month VPN service quite nicely.

Januarie 2015 Update: Overplay converted huge on the Winter olympics and did quite well in 2014. The new SmartDNS offering immediately rose in popularity, and could be considered one of the first inexpensive DNS offerings. Now, DNS changing services are common place. A new website, uitgebrei mobiele, and more servers have all been added at Overplay. Prices continue to stay low at only $4.95 vir SmartDNS en $9.95 for unlimited VPN. Term lengths of 3 months or more receive discounted pricing. If you’re looking long term, $49.95 vir 1 jaar van SmartDNS is 'n groot waarde.

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6 Antwoorde te “Oorspeel”

  1. LOL@Cuba says:
    July 10th, 2011 by 9:54 pm

    LOL at the blocked countries list! Ya think?! Anyway, I basically love Overplay. They let me watch Hulu even though I’m not in the US. The cool part is I actually pay for the premium Hulu subscription! Hahah! I buy it by the 3month blocks. I can’t get myself to buy any longer than that at a time. You just never know with the internet and I don’t want to lose money. They have OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, so you should update your review! Plus you can either use their Overplay software, or use a customized versin of OpenVPN, or the stock version with the certificates. Not a lot of places allow that, though I just use their software anyway. Support is top notch, but I only had to contact it on setup once. Speed always lets me watch Hulu without a problem, so I’m good!

    redakteurs nota: Whoops our bad! We had PPTP and L2TP in the list, but then OpenVPN in the software section. That’s our fault. OverplayVPN does over PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. If you use OpenVPN you can either utilize the OverplayVPN software, a customized version of OpenVPN, or the raw config files with a normal OpenVPN app. Thanks for the correction Cuba! (p.s. Cuba does have 64kbps!)

  2. Solid says:
    October 1st, 2011 by 1:56 pm

    Overplay is an extremely solid VPN service and I haven’t had any complaints in over a year. I first started using the service to watch some tv overseas. I’ve since used when I’m on the road for secure wifi, and the occasional download from the web. I could leave it on all the time because it’s plenty fast but I normally don’t when I’m at home unless watching video. My home network speed is 50Mbps and I pretty much always average over 10Mbps with Overplay. Plenty to watch high def video and surf the web. I think where they shine is reliability since I’ve yet to have a problem with them. I read through some other services here because I was thinking about switching to save money, but after reading about downtime I think I’m going to stick with Overplay. I give it 5 stars all around except price (never had to contact support though!)

  3. Lokist says:
    January 17th, 2012 by 1:02 pm

    I use this to watch TV all over the world. Makes it SO easy for me to get Hulu, Netflix, BBC, noem maar op. If you want to watch internet tv, this is what you need.

  4. Jonathan says:
    March 18th, 2012 by 10:09 pm

    the Overplay program is extremely easy to use, point and click. The speed is pretty good, once in awhile you connect to a slow IP or an IP that is banned from a site you want to navigate. The price isn’t astronomical, but I’d prefer to pay less lol. The software is sleek and installs without a problem, never get any errors. All in all, a great product I definitely would recommend if someone needed a product of this nature. Which I think more people will need now.

  5. DBevore says:
    May 14th, 2012 by 5:56 pm

    Worked like a charm for the olympics and decided to keep it. Wow totally awesome to watch all that with the actual UK feed. Was SO much better than the crappy US feed I had at home. Speeds always allowed me to stream. Would stutter occassionally. Not bad at all really. Cost wasn’t that bad easy purchase. Was always there for me to connect to and watch with iPlayer, etc.

  6. Tia says:
    February 11th, 2013 by 8:14 pm

    I really like their TV VPN and use it on my laptop form the airport. This is my Hulu Flix account. Thanks!

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