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Jednostavno rečeno, Afektirati pruža uslugu koja može kodirati svoj internet promet preko jedne svoje velike brzine i pouzdanih VPN poslužitelja. To će osigurati sve što vam poslati od presretanja od redovne ISP ili WiFi davatelja. Afektirati VPN prikriva svoju vezu, a čini se pojavljuju na web stranicama koje posjećujete, kao i ako ste spojeni izravno preko naših međunarodnih poslužitelje. U stvari što se mijenja IP adresu za jedan od njihovih američkih, UK, Irci, Kanađanin, or Swedish IP Addresses. Overplay also offers SmartDNS at a reduced price for those looking to unblock regional entertainment restrictions on sites like Hulu or Netflix.

Afektirati teži da se usredotoče na pružanje VPN uslugu tako da njihovi klijenti u cijelom svijetu možete gledati online televiziju. Možda ste primijetili TV u svojoj logo, a riječ "igraju" u svom imenu! To uključuje promatranje BBC iPlayer, Gornji tok rijeke, i druge popularne web stranice koje nude besplatno TV online. Ove web stranice obično blokirati pristup besplatnim sadržajem i dopustiti samo određenim zemljama pristup. Na primjer, izvan Sjeverne Amerike, Hulu je blokiran. A, izvan Velike Britanije, BBC iPlayer je blokiran. Dobro, Ne više - ne, ako imate afektirati VPN!

Da bi se to ostvarilo, Afektirati VPN mora pružiti i mogućnost da odaberete svoju zemlju (i IP adresa), kao i održavanje visoke brzine veze. Odabir svoju zemlju je važno, tako da možete dobiti pristup stranicama s TV sadržaja, i velike brzine veze je važno jer streaming TV zauzima puno od širina pojasa! Čini se da i jedno i drugo, a dobro i često odgovoriti na bilo kakve probleme povezivanja i brzine odmah, iako nemaju "live" podršku. Još, mnogi premium usluga izvući bez live podrška, jednostavno pružajući brz i osjetljiv podršku putem e-maila.

Overplay VPN and Overplay SmartDNS

Afektirati VPN koristi običaj graditi OpenVPN softver za kupce koji se ne koriste PPTP ili L2TP. To je prilično tipično među top tier davatelja. Neki provideri samo koristiti OpenVPN kao-je, s konfiguracijske datoteke. Drugi koriste prilagođeni gradi, kao što afektirati makeover. Drugi ići sve van vlasnička i razvijati vlastiti program. Afektirati VPN softver radi sa sustavom Windows, Ortak, Linux, pa čak i iPhone! Overplay actually allows you to either use their OverplayVPN software, običaj OpenVPN software, or a standard OpenVPN application with the config files. Talk about choices!

Planovi nude afektirati, i trebamo reći "plan", jer oni samo nude jedan! Plan nudi afektirati radi mjesečna i vrlo konkurentna za cijenu. Vi ne plaćaju za mjesec dana unaprijed, iako, ali to je prilično tipično za većinu pružatelja. Možete otkazati u bilo koje vrijeme, i ne postoji minimalni pojam uvjet.

Blokirani Zemlje: Afektirati ne dopušta prijave iz sljedećih zemalja: Cuba, Iran, Libija, Severna Koreja, Sudan, i Sirija.

Evidencija o privatnosti: Afektirati VPN pravila o privatnosti govori, “Informacije o “Usluga korištenja” neće biti objavljeni nikome, osim u slučaju kada je propisano zakonom. “Usluga korištenja” Sastoji se isključivo na datum / vrijeme veze s nama, duljina veze, izvor IP adresa koristi za povezivanje, i broj bajtova prenosi. Nema dnevnika u vezi individualnu upotrebu prijave (osim što je spomenuto) čuvaju.”

Srpanj 2011 Ažuriranje: Afektirati danas je proširila svoju VPN uslugu 31 Dostupne Zemlje! We also have some speed test results available from their US East, UK, and Ireland servers for your review. Head on over to our vijesti za sve najnovije informacije na proširenju i testova brzine!

Siječanj 2014 Ažuriranje: Uz Zimske olimpijske igre u Sočiju brzo približava, Overplay is quickly becoming the hot topic. At samo $4.95 za SmartDNS, Overplay VPN can solve any access restrictions and open up fully Olympic coverage. We have been following Overplay for some time and they have been very successful with their focus on personal VPN for media content. This isn’t their first time doing the Olympics either! The country count has increased substantially to 48. Their simple setup across a wide variety of platforms (router, mobilan, Desktop, itd) and VPN app combined with the ultra low prices typically keep Overplay in the top VPN providers. The new addition of SmartDNS at only $4.95/month complements their existing $9.95/month VPN service quite nicely.

Siječanj 2015 Ažuriranje: Overplay converted huge on the Winter olympics and did quite well in 2014. The new SmartDNS offering immediately rose in popularity, and could be considered one of the first inexpensive DNS offerings. Now, DNS changing services are common place. A new website, prošireni mobilni, and more servers have all been added at Overplay. Prices continue to stay low at only $4.95 za SmartDNS i $9.95 for unlimited VPN. Term lengths of 3 months or more receive discounted pricing. If you’re looking long term, $49.95 za 1 Godina SmartDNS je velika vrijednost.

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6 Odgovori na “Afektirati”

  1. LOL@Cuba says:
    10. srpanj, 2011 na 9:54 pm

    LOL at the blocked countries list! Ya think?! Anyway, I basically love Overplay. They let me watch Hulu even though I’m not in the US. The cool part is I actually pay for the premium Hulu subscription! Hahah! I buy it by the 3month blocks. I can’t get myself to buy any longer than that at a time. You just never know with the internet and I don’t want to lose money. They have OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, so you should update your review! Plus you can either use their Overplay software, or use a customized versin of OpenVPN, or the stock version with the certificates. Not a lot of places allow that, though I just use their software anyway. Support is top notch, but I only had to contact it on setup once. Speed always lets me watch Hulu without a problem, so I’m good!

    editors note: Whoops our bad! We had PPTP and L2TP in the list, but then OpenVPN in the software section. That’s our fault. OverplayVPN does over PPTP, L2TP, i OpenVPN. If you use OpenVPN you can either utilize the OverplayVPN software, a customized version of OpenVPN, or the raw config files with a normal OpenVPN app. Thanks for the correction Cuba! (p.s. Cuba does have 64kbps!)

  2. Solid says:
    October 1st, 2011 na 1:56 pm

    Overplay is an extremely solid VPN service and I haven’t had any complaints in over a year. I first started using the service to watch some tv overseas. I’ve since used when I’m on the road for secure wifi, and the occasional download from the web. I could leave it on all the time because it’s plenty fast but I normally don’t when I’m at home unless watching video. My home network speed is 50Mbps and I pretty much always average over 10Mbps with Overplay. Plenty to watch high def video and surf the web. I think where they shine is reliability since I’ve yet to have a problem with them. I read through some other services here because I was thinking about switching to save money, but after reading about downtime I think I’m going to stick with Overplay. I give it 5 stars all around except price (never had to contact support though!)

  3. Lokist says:
    January 17th, 2012 na 1:02 pm

    I use this to watch TV all over the world. Makes it SO easy for me to get Hulu, Netflix, BBC, you name it. If you want to watch internet tv, this is what you need.

  4. Jonathan says:
    18. ožujak, 2012 na 10:09 pm

    the Overplay program is extremely easy to use, point and click. The speed is pretty good, once in awhile you connect to a slow IP or an IP that is banned from a site you want to navigate. The price isn’t astronomical, but I’d prefer to pay less lol. The software is sleek and installs without a problem, never get any errors. Sve u svemu, a great product I definitely would recommend if someone needed a product of this nature. Which I think more people will need now.

  5. DBevore says:
    May 14th, 2012 na 5:56 pm

    Worked like a charm for the olympics and decided to keep it. Wow totally awesome to watch all that with the actual UK feed. Was SO much better than the crappy US feed I had at home. Speeds always allowed me to stream. Would stutter occassionally. Not bad at all really. Cost wasn’t that bad easy purchase. Was always there for me to connect to and watch with iPlayer, itd.

  6. Tia says:
    February 11th, 2013 na 8:14 pm

    I really like their TV VPN and use it on my laptop form the airport. This is my Hulu Flix account. Thanks!

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