Post Icon, the popular shell and web hosting provider, also offers a VPN service. Their packages offer OpenVPN as well as PPTP VPN protocols, for very modest prices. The OpenVPN service from Sh3lls comes with a web panel to download the configuration files and client software for Windows, Linux and Mac. To maintain high speeds and reliability only adds a maximum of 30 users per OpenVPN server. This does a great job of making sure there is no slow down in speeds. Sh3lls also advertises their VPN servers as being “highly ddos protected.” The OpenVPN from Sh3lls uses 1024bit keys for authentication. Sh3lls does not block any countries from ordering, and is based out of Hong Kong.

The VPN plans from Sh3lls are available in multiple term lengths, and do provide discounts for long term subscriptions. Customers can choose from the VPN protocol at the time of purchase, and if selecting PPTP, customers can choose the maximum speed of 1000Mbps (Gigabit) or standard speed of 100Mbps. The OpenVPN service is rated at 100Mbps. In most cases, 100Mbps will be more than sufficient for customers.

The standout for Sh3lls are the prices. In comparison to most providers, the monthly subscription cost at Sh3lls for unlimited OpenVPN is a significant savings. The story only gets better when you consider that Sh3lls offers their 6 month plan with a big discount that essentially means you get 6 months for the price of 5! Of course the tradeoff is that you aren’t getting many frills, or a gigantic selection of VPN servers. The software is the basic OpenVPN client, and a web control panel is also included. Sh3lls doesn’t offer many countries, but they do have them well positioned to service customers looking for US and RU IP addresses. That might be especially nice for customer looking for the ability to stream tv and video online.

March 2014 Update:  Sh3lls is still going strong with an ever expanding and adapting portfolio of services.  From VPN services to Web Hosting to Dedicated Servers – Sh3lls has it all at a rock bottom price.  Their VPN services continue in a reliable fashion with no price increases over the past 3 years.  At least some things don’t always go up with inflation…Now that Sh3lls accepts Bitcoin, they are an excellent way to get anonymous and secure VPN for only a few dollars a month.  Expansion into RU servers for OpenVPN is a good complement to their base of US PPTP VPN.

Cost per 1 Month $5.00 to $9.00 (varies)
Cost per 3 Months $13.00 to $25.00 (varies)
Cost per 6 Months $25.00 to $49.00 (varies)
Cost per Year $45.00 to $93.00 (varies)
Minimum Term None
Low Plan Term 1 Month
Low Plan Protocol PPTP or OpenVPN
Low Plan IP Either
Low Plan Cost $5.00
Medium Plan Term 3 Months
Medium Plan Protocol PPTP or OpenVPN
Medium Plan IP Either
Medium Plan Cost $13.00
High Plan Term 12 Months
High Plan Protocol PPTP or OpenVPN
High Plan IP Either
High Plan Cost $45.00
IP Shared
IP Dedicated
Maximum Speed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Protocol PPTP
Protocol SSTP
Protocol L2TP IPSec
Protocol OpenVPN
File Share P2P
Requires Software OpenVPN only
Software Type OpenVPN
Countries Offered 2
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