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Steganos VPN is based around their software application, Steganos Internet Anonym VPN.  The software application is actually what you are buying, rather than a service, which is somewhat different than other VPN service providers.  This type of product is actually the bread and butter for Steganos, since they are primarily a software company with offerings for online backup and password management.  Basically, they bundle software with an online service, and sell you the software.  The service is included in the price.  Steganos has built a pretty good business around this type of bundle, and it lends itself quite well to a VPN type offering.

The software itself is pretty straight forward, but it is Windows only (win7/Vista/XP).  Install is very easy with a traditional next, next, next type wizard.  You can use it for P2P file sharing, and, if needed, declare applications or IP addresses for exclusion from the VPN.  The service on the back end provides 128bit SSL encryption, so basically you are looking at an OpenVPN type offering.

Licenses for the software can be purchased either 1 month at a time, or for a full year at a discount.  The purchase allows you access to the service, of course, but it limits your traffic to 50GB each month.  Some users may consider that not too friendly if they are doing a lot of downloading or file transfer.  But, for the most part, 50GB should more than cover a normal month of email and web browsing with the occasional download or movie stream.  The software includes a meter that provides up to date information regarding your current traffic usage.

Unfortunately free trials are not available from Steganos, so there is no way to get a test drive.  But, Steganos is generally known as a solid German software company, so it comes as no surprise to us that the Internet Anonym VPN software and service gets decent reviews around the web.  If you’re looking for a VPN software box product to buy, then you should probably take a look at Steganos.

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