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If you are in the market for a VPN account, it is very likely you’ve already heard of StrongVPN. They have been providing Internet Services, as well as VPN, for a very long time, and they understand what it takes to provide the customer with a quality service.

StrongVPN is run by the same group that manages Reliable Hosting. This means you are getting your VPN service from a rather large company that has been around for quite some time. In addition to being very well known, StrongVPN generally has a good reputation – whether it is for the hosting services or the VPN services.

The plans offered by StrongVPN are the most varied and complex of all the providers. On their website alone they list more than 10 different plans, each with various features, terms, and addons. For this reason it can be quite difficult to compare StrongVPN to rest of the VPN service providers. Sepandan, you can use our Comparison Table and feature lists to help narrow into their major plan offerings. For the most part StrongVPN differentiates their plans in 4 ways: Protocol Type, Servers, Switches, and Term length. They offer all of the major protocol types, including the newly released SSTP. Their available servers vary by plan and can be categorized by both number offered and host country. Since StrongVPN allows the customer to switch servers as needed, this feature also varies by plan. High cost plans include more available switches per month. StrongVPN term lengths are fairly typical; however their plans do have a 3 month minimum which should be carefully noted by any prospective customer. Especially since most other providers do not enforce a minimum term.

The ability of StrongVPN to offer a wide variety of packages means that you can pick and choose to suit your needs. Sepandan, it also means that you may have a more difficult time balancing their available plan features against the competition.

One of the major strengths of StrongVPN is the large number of host countries and servers they maintain. This means that customers all over the globe can connect to their VPN servers and receive a fast connection. It also means that no matter where you reside, you can connect to servers in many different countries, thus providing a higher level of protection and security.

Bloke Peyi: StrongVPN does not allow signups from the following countries: Nigeria and Ghana.

Policy Logging: “During our normal course of duties, we do not monitor, record or store logs for any single customers VPN activity. We will however record the following data: tan, date and location vpn connection was made, duration of the vpn connection, and bandwidth used during the connection.

Jen 2011 Mizajou: StrongVPN has added a ton of servers in Me ak Jen!

Fevriye 2014 Mizajou: Watching StrongVPN grow and adapt in the VPN service market has been a real treat. This company is seriously top notch and their commitment to reliable, high speed service is obvious. Their new StrongDNS service includes a Free Trial and opens up the Olympics (and other) with ease. In addition to offering new services, StrongVPN has come out strong with an Android app that provides access to all of their 400+ servers in 19 peyi. Similar to many other VPN service providers, StrongVPN has branched out into hardware & service packages. StrongVPN now offers routers from big names like Asus, Linksys, and Netgear combed with annual subscriptions to VPN service. An amazing combination for VPN access across all your home devices. Now accepting BitCoin as payment, StrongVPN is continuing to set the bar on VPN service!

Enfòmasyon sou
Pri pou chak 1 Mwa $5.00 to $30.00 (Varies)
Pri pou chak 3 Mwa $15.00 to $60.00 (Varies)
Pri pou chak 6 Mwa $27.50 to 180.00 (Varies)
Pri pou chak Ane $50.00 to $210.00 (Varies)
Peryòd minimòm 3 Mwa
Low Term Plan 1 Mwa
Pwotokòl Plan Low StrongDNS
Low Plan IP Tou de
Low Plan Pri $5.00
Plan Term 1 Mwa
Pwotokòl Plan mwayen SSL (Open) or PPTP & L2TP
Plan IP Tou de
Mwayen Pri Plan $15.00
High Term Plan 1 Mwa
Pwotokòl High Plan Ptp, SSL (Open), L2TP
High Plan IP Tou de
Segondè Pri Plan $30.00
IP Pataje
IP Konsakre
Vitès maksimòm
Unlimited Bandwidth
Pwotokòl ptp
Pwotokòl SSTP
Pwotokòl L2TP Ipsèk
Pwotokòl OpenVPN
Mande pou Lojisyèl OpenVPN sèlman
Kalite Software OpenVPN
Peyi nou ofri 19
File Share P2P
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17 Responses to “StrongVPN”

  1. Larry G says:
    avril 21yèm, 2011 nan 3:23 pm

    I am super happy with the VPN Services of Strong VPN. The approval process was very quick and it took me less than 30 minutes from purchase until I was connected.

    It is amazing speed, now I can enjoy services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC tv on my computer. Will definitely recommend this provider to my friends and family.

  2. Robert J says:
    May 1st, 2011 nan 6:49 pm

    I use a mac, a buffalo wzr-hp-g301NH router and got everything up and running within 30 minutes.

    As far as speed goes, well I’m accessing from Japan and my normal service is somewhere like 50 mbps and when I connect with vpn via LA (US) it’s about 10 mbps. I guess that’s some drop but still plenty fast. I can still use my apple-tv to see some hd quality streaming video.

    Overall I give it a thumbs up. Everything I wanted the service to do and a few things I didn’t even think about like switching locations.

  3. Brent says:
    May 22nd, 2011 nan 3:20 nan la

    I am working in overseas right now and was not able to use my netflix or watch TV shows online. StrongVpn made it fasr, easy, and secure for me to continue with netflix. It also allowed me to watch US tv shows. The service is just plain amazing. I have been around computers for a long time and NEVER have I received such amazing support. Alexey at Strong is a TOP NOTCH support personhe has had to help me twice (my own fault) and has quickly got me up and running even logging onto my computer to help me!

  4. Jia Hong says:
    30 Me, 2011 nan 12:23 nan la

    I can now access to FB, Youtube and some other sites blocked in China thanks to StrongVPN. I subscribed to $55 package, a lot less than my co-worker was paying, but am still getting all the services, though connection seemed to be problematic, sa vle di. I had trouble connecting VPN via either L2TP or PPTP in the beginning. After several tries, I could then access. I don’t know if everyone experiences the same thing, if my iPad times out & turns to black screen, the VPN connection drops. An jeneral, a good service and would recommend to those who need VPN.

  5. BradC says:
    2 jen, 2011 nan 6:54 pm

    Living behind the Great Firewall of China is a huge pain. I don’t think many people understand how bad it can be, especially after living in the US before China.

    Sites like Facebook, Twitter, any Tumblr or Blogspot blog, and many other sites are outright blocked, and Google services are severely crippled to the point of them being useless.

    StrongVPN allows me to live my normal online life again, including the use of Netflix and Hulu. StrongVPN’s service was a cinch to set up and I have not had any problems with it at all.

    One thing I have certainly NOT liked about signing up with StrongVPN, though, are some of the spammy emails. I have received 9 emails from them over the course of three weeks. Some of them were necessary, most were not. I have tried multiple times to unsubscribe. So far I have not been successful.

    Another thing I have noticed is that you have pay particular attention to which plan you subscribe to. The best plans for China users include the most server options, especially in the US. And obviously L2TP or OpenVPN. PPTP is no good here. And some US servers can get slow, so it’s best to have a lot of options. I think they have been expanding their US and UK server offerings to accommodate the load and increase speeds.

  6. Sheryar S. di:
    June 5th, 2011 nan 8:07 pm

    I have DSL connection in UAE about 2M. I am using the PPTP and OpenVPN on MacOS. I mostly use it for browsing and Voip. The speed is excellent. A few times i had some problems configuring it at different systems. Just went onto skype and their ever friendly staff was there to help me out. Been a customer with them for more than a year and cant think of going with any other vpn service provider.

  7. Marty says:
    July 11th, 2011 nan 9:59 pm

    Have been a very happy customer of StrongVPN for about a year now. I did a lot of research before buying and found that StrongVPN had the highest ratings for the largest and fastest VPN network out there. You can compare their country, server, and IP count to just about anybody and they should come out on top. Additionally their support is top notch, 24x7x365, and it’s live. I mainly use it it for privacy but also for some video streaming and never have any issues with speedas I said, they are the fastest by far. Definitely not some fly by night group either they have been around for a long time and will be here long after the rest leave

  8. Ronald says:
    Oktòb 9yèm, 2011 nan 11:30 pm

    You should realy take a look at StrongVPN again. Their service should be at the top of your list if you were being honest! These guys are top notch and make all the other mom and pop VPN services look like crap. Seriously. 24/7 live help with basically unlimited support. All of the major VPN protocols, including SSTP. So many different plans its impossible to not find what you need. I’ve been using them for over a year and I have never ever had any issues connecting. I use L2TP on a regular basis for my laptop. Great speeds, always reliable. Not sure why you wouldn’t give them perfect ratingbiased perhaps?

    editè nòt: hey hey hey! we knocked ’em down a whole half a star! that’s it! and it’s only because their plans tend to be a little more than their competitors. but we do agree, their support and reliability are phenomenal!

  9. Isaac says:
    Oktòb 27th, 2011 nan 8:03 pm

    Strong is by far the biggest and most reliable for VPN. This is the one trusted by professionals and isn’t run by some kids or some offshore nameless corporation. I use this at home, at work, and on travel.

  10. Peter says:
    November 13th, 2011 nan 1:41 nan la

    Fast, seldom downtime, and great support. The only thing I don’t like is their logging and DMCA policies, especially that you can’t share your VPN on a WiFi router (if you have it set up that way). Other than that, it’s a great reliable VPN! I rarely get above 1.5MB (I’m on a 3MB connection), but that is okay.

  11. Will P says:
    4yèm fevriye, 2012 nan 12:40 nan la

    Absolutely can’t go wrong with StrongVPN. By far the biggest network that I know of, especially one that offers inexpensive plans for the individual user. TONS of plans to choose fromyour site does not do them justice. Don’t know about the other post but I can consistently max my 20mbps using L2TP or OpenVPN. Mostly use it to stream video and secure wifi. Definitely money well spent.

  12. MightyWhitey di:
    12yèm mwa mas, 2012 nan 6:05 pm

    Great VPN. Speeds are fantastic. Im close to vpn so distance doesnt really effect my speed, They max me out. I have gotten great speeds even 3000 miles away from the vpn. Better than HMA in my experience.

  13. DMCA says:
    Mas 18th, 2012 nan 9:36 pm

    Really enjoyed StrongVPN for about 6 mwa. Then I get cutoffDMCA takedown notice. StrongVPN was very kind about it, but now basically can’t use it. I have found looking around that StrongVPN really isn’t the best if you intend on using a lot of bittorent. Decent pricing, good speeds.

  14. IgorB says:
    Mas 18th, 2012 nan 9:42 pm

    These guys offer best customer service ever, questions are answered in real time, assistance available around the clock and every single person I encountered was very knowledgeable, helpful and polite. An reyalite, their service works perfectly all the time and there was very little need in talking to customer service at all. But those few fringe cases that I had were resolved immediately, within just few minutes. Highly recommended.

  15. Clancy says:
    Mas 18th, 2012 nan 9:43 pm

    Strong VPN solves Chinese blocked content, slow connection speeds, and sites that have blocked Chinese IP address ranges. I use it daily for business and faster downloads. Support is incredibly reponsive, 24×7 and responds to requests in minutes.

  16. Marshall J. di:
    Mas 18th, 2012 nan 9:44 pm

    I face two challenges regarding internet access: My work requires frequent and extended international travel, therefore I am taking care of many things in USA byremote control”. There are a few websites that it is critical that I can access several times per month; unfortunately they are all restricted to USA-only access. Quite often my internet access is from inside my customersnetworks, which often have the ports for various IM applications blocked, as well as restrictions on FTP,elatriye. These are very important tools that I use to facilitate my work duties. Both of these problems have been resolved by the use of Strong VPN service. The service level and response times have been very good. Plus, the anonymity and security features are a nice bonus.

  17. Maya says:
    June 13th, 2012 nan 5:41 nan la

    Have been a user of Strong VPN for more than 2 years now, but switching to HMA because of their logging policies. I got a DMCA notice within 3 hrs of opening my Vuze. Also, my normal connection speed without VPN is 38 Mb/s, but on StrongVPN, I get 3 Mb/s which is not really good value for money. So if you value really privacy, stay away.

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