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TuVPN defines itself as a “Second-Level ISP (Internet Service Provider)”. This is definitely correct, and is basically a true statement of any premium VPN provider. This is because TuVPN uses the Internet connectivity via your primary ISP (BT, Vodafone, AT&T,AOL, Comcast, etc.) to create a secure, encrypted connection to any one of their VPN nodes (servers) of your choice, redirecting all your Internet traffic via this node. Put simply, it is as if you were physically on your computer surfing, writing emails, chatting, from the country of your selected TuVPN node.

TuVPN has been around for awhile and has been offering a premium VPN service as their core offering for the entire time. Unlike some other VPN service providers, TuVPN focuses on VPN service – offering it to either Personal or Business customers. On the personal side, the services are essentially separated by IP type – Shared or Dedicated. The two segments are further defined by the term length: 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. What is intriguing about their offering, especially as compared to other providers is that it is the same cost for either IP type. Most providers charge additional for either a shared or dedicated IP type, depending on their basic offering (i.e. if their basic offering is shared, then dedicated will cost more, or if their basic offering is dedicated, then shared will cost more.)

The plan pricing from TuVPN is quite competitive when you consider the ability to choose IP type, as well as the inclusion of the OpenVPN type in all plans. Many premium providers charge additional for OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec, TuVPN allows the customer to utilize OpenVPN in any of their plans for no additional charge. So make sure when you consider that fact when you compare their plans to the competitors. Upon first examination their low plan seems expensive to the competitors. However, once you consider the inclusion of OpenVPN, it may not seem so expensive anymore.

On the software side, TuVPN utilizes a proprietary application for their OpenVPN service. This is similar to many other VPN providers, although some utilize the OpenVPN application as-is. Typically providers will offer additional features and functions in their own proprietary software. Almost all proprietary software will offer country or server changes for the VPN service – which is true of the software for TuVPN. Unfortunately it is very difficult to list features or functions included in proprietary software like TuVPN’s because they change so frequently.

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