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WiTopia on suosittu toimittaja VPN-palvelu, joka tarjoaa myös valmiiksi konfiguroitu, plug-and-play VPN reititin ratkaisu. VPN palvelut WiTopia tarjotaan vain yhden vuoden mittainen, ja laitteisto ratkaisu sisältää yhden vuoden VPN palvelun ostohinta. VPN suunnitelmien tarjoamat WiTopia voi tarjota PPTP, Cisco IPSec, L2TP, ja OpenVPN palvelu. Kaikki suunnitelmat WiTopia tarjoavat rajoittamaton kaistanleveys ja rajoittamaton välillä vaihtaminen saatavilla kaupunkien ja maiden. Toimipaikat tarjoamia WiTopia kuuluvat monissa kaupungeissa Yhdysvalloissa ja Etelä-Amerikan maiden, Eurooppa, Aasia, ja Lähi-itä. Yhteensä, WiTopia tarjoaa noin 30 eri maissa eri puolilla heidän PPTP, L2TP, ja OpenVPN suunnitelmat.

Hinnoittelu alkaen WiTopia on erittäin kilpailukykyinen, mutta koska suunnitelmat tarjotaan vain yhden vuoden mittainen, asiakkaan tulee pulittaa enemmän rahaa etukäteen. Tämä voi olla hyödyllistä ihmisille, joilla on varaa iso etukäteen hinta, joka vähentää kuukausittaiset kustannukset palvelun. Mutta se voi myös olla merkittävä negatiivinen niille ihmisille etsivät lyhyemmän aikavälin tilaukset. Onneksi WiTopia sisältää 30 päivä moneyback takuuna kaikista ostoista. Joten sinulla on vielä hyvä mahdollisuus koeajaa palvelun ennen sitoutumistaan ​​koko vuoden. Henkilökohtainen VPN Pro palvelu mahdollistaa samanaikaiset yhteydet taas muut suunnitelmat sallivat vain yhden yhteyden. Joten käyttäjät etsivät edullisia VPN-ratkaisun 2 tietokoneet saattavat löytää WiTopia olla erinomainen käsitellä harkitsee vuosittain hinta.

WiTopia supports all major platforms including WinXP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux iOS, Android, and Symbian. Software is only required for the OpenVPN service, and WiTopia uses a customized OpenVPN client with custom configuration files. The L2TP VPN from WiTopia uses 128bit encryption while the OpenVPN service uses 256bit. The CloakBox from WiTopia is their hardware solution pre-configured for VPN service out of the box. Users need only plug it in and connect their devices to begin distributing VPN service across their home/small network. This is a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to bother with setting up DDWRT on their router, or anyone who’s router does not support DDWRT and/or VPN. Pricing for the CloakBox is not bad when you consider it includes one year of service either.

Support from WiTopia above average with 24x7x365 available via email and live chat. The unconditional 30 day moneback guarantee makes it pretty easy to take WiTopia for a test drive, so don’t be afraid of the one year term!

Kirjaus Policy: “We are not set up in any way to view an individual customer’s activity, nor do we monitor, capture, or store logs that are directly attributable to any individual customer. Some indirect data, and the other bits that are cached during the regular course of running an Internet business, are regularly destroyed, mostly during our weekly maintenance windows. Itse asiassa, we only keep this minimal and temporary “trailing log” of indirect data in case we learn a user is violating the terms of use, esim. spamming, committing crimes using the service, jne. In that specific case, we will report this to our abuse team, determine the guilty party through a laborious matching process, terminate their service, and take further action, if necessary.”

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  1. TJ says:
    May 14th, 2011 klo 12:18 klo

    WiTopia is relatively new but I bought the year package a few months ago. I had heard good things and decided to give it a shot. So far I’m really happy. My speeds are basically max my connection and setup was pretty quick. I haven’t had to use support so can’t comment on that. The box they sell is basically a modified Linksys router, but of course you don’t need that to use their vpn. Just subscribe and install the vpn client software. I did some comparison shopping and their price is good too for what you gethigh speed, unlimited bandwidth, lots of countries

  2. Chuck says:
    16 tammikuu, 2012 klo 5:02 pm

    On Saturday January 14th Witopia made major changes in their system. I was unable to use the system for three days. Their online chat support service is worthless. They finally told me after three days that I needed to download new software. There was no notice of this or anything or their website to that affect. I have downloaded their new client software and made my connection to their gateways. HOWEVER the connection constantly disconnects leaving me exposed on the internet AND IT DOES NOT NOTIFY ME OF THE DISCONNECT AS THE SYSTEM USED TO. Their service has gone to hell in a matter of days and it appears there is no relief in site. I highly recommend that anyone stay away from Wipotia until they have demonstrated that they have improved the service and customer support. Chuck

    Toimituksen huomautus: ouchall we can say is that whenever we emailed WiTopia service the guys were pretty prompt with their answerssounds like you had a very different experience

  3. year long? sanoo:
    4 maaliskuu, 2012 klo 3:45 pm

    I had heard good things about Witopia but I never understood why they want you to sign up for a year. My friend has them for his tv and I was going to get it but I never did because of the long signup. He seems to like it OK but its definitely slower when its turned on. We can tell when playing online.

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