What are VPN Services

What are VPN Services?

VPN services are offered by a provider company for either personal or business purposes.  Personal VPN services are used by individuals to increase their security and privacy while online.  Business VPN services are used by companies and organizations to allow LAN to LAN connectivity, or to allow individuals to connect to the local company network while located offsite.

Personal VPN services are becoming increasingly popular because people are looking for additional ways to secure their broadband internet connection.  Some people are looking for added security while at home, while others are looking for additional security on untrusted networks (such as open Wifi).  For more reasons why individuals are increasingly purchasing VPN services, please see our VPN “Why Should I Care” page.

In fact, everyone needs the protection offered by a VPN when using wireless hotspots, shared networks, or any other internet access that is not completely controlled by the user (such as in a hotel, at the airport, etc.).  Companies and organizations with private IT staff can easily create VPN services for their employees.  They recognize the need and maintain staff, plus equipment, to provide the VPN service.  A “Personal VPN” is the same service, but it is meant for the average person.

VPN services will establish a secure tunnel between the client computer and the service providers servers/network.  In the case of a Personal VPN, the secure tunnel can be established from your home computer/laptop/smartphone to to the service providers servers/network anywhere around the globe.  The tunnel is the backbone of the VPN service – providing the security and privacy for the user.  Additional features such as the ability to change countries, VPN protocols, and IP addresses are added benefits of VPN services.