What is an NZB

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What is an NZB file? (and where to get them!)

To make this as simple as possible, an NZB is a file. NZB files have the extension .NZB

An NZB file contains a list of pointers to the parts of a file that you can download from Usenet.

NZB files are typically the result of completing a search for a particular item on Usenet. Once your search is complete, you will be given the option to create an NZB file.

After saving the NZB file, you can open or import the NZB file with your Newsreader software. The software will then go directly to the results of your search, and begin downloading thepartsthat make up the NZB file.

Some people consider them the “torrent” of Usenet. In the same way a torrent file points to a file on BT, an NZB file points to the parts on Usenet.

NZB files are a relatively new addition to Usenet. They were originally invented by NewzBin.com for use with their searching service. They have since taken off to become the most significant advancement of Usenet in quite some time. Many 3rd party websites have cropped up to allow users to search and create NZB files for free. Below is a short list of 3rd party websites where you can search and create NZB files for free as needed.

Be careful as you visit NZB websites and conduct searches. When possible, do so securely. Be on the lookout for sites that may ask you download additional software or pay for premium services. Although it can sometimes be advantageous to pay for a premium NZB site (good search, organization, editors, itd.), it can also very easily be a scam. Since NZB’s are so popular, many scammers have gravitated toward them.