Why Care about VPN

Why Should You Care about VPN?

To put it simply, because everyone needs to protect themselves online.  The increasing availability of broadband in the home, shared networks in public places, and internet on-the-go means people are using the internet all the time.  People are using the internet for fun, for work, for email, to pay bills, to manage investments, to make phone calls, to chat with friends and family –  you name it, people are probably doing it online.

Unfortunately the increased availability of ways to connect does not translate into more security.  In fact, it translates into FAR LESS security while online.  Broadband connections in the home are becoming big targets for scammers and individuals that create bot-nets.  Any computer attached to a broadband connection is “always on” – and therefore, a high value target.  Shared networks, Open Wifi, and Public Networks are extremely prevalent now.  You can find them at your local coffee shop, the hotel, the airport, the grocery store, the library, the restaurant, the bar…almost anywhere these days.  Once you connect to these networks you are now vulnerable.  The naming convention of these networks should at least indicate their stance on security and privacy: “Shared”, “Open”, “Public”, etc.

You should care about VPN services because the information you transmit and receive while online is sensitive.  It is not necessarily a matter of “having something to hide” – it is a matter of common sense.  Do you want strangers to read your emails?  Are you OK with people listening in on your instant message conversations?  Is it alright if someone logs into a personal website, pretending to be you?  Does it seem right that anyone on the same Open Wifi as you can login to stores, email, and other personal accounts – while masquerading as YOU?  Then there is the obvious, your bank accounts, your investment accounts, your private affairs online.  You obviously don’t want this information to available for public consumption, but that is exactly what can happen if you do not protect yourself while online – particularly if you are often using Shared/Open/Public networks.

Here is a list of popular reasons why you should care about VPN:

The list goes on, and on, and on…but perhaps you see our point.  The reason you should care about VPN services is because what you do online is sensitive.  VPN services can provide security, privacy, and anonymity for a minimal cost.  The growing popularity of Personal VPN services is an indication that many more people are becoming aware of just how valuable and sensitive their online information has become.

The above is mostly focused on security, privacy, and anonymity.  There is also the additional technological benefit from a VPN – that is, the ability to securely connect to remote computers and remote networks.  For the sake of brevity we have decided to leave that discussion for another day!